Top 5 Smarter With Gartner Sales Articles in 2019

Our most popular sales articles covered the tried-and-true Challenger method, new B2B buying behaviors, how to be an effective sales manager and more.

Selling is not getting easier. Chief sales officers (CSOs) are painfully aware that the current environment makes growth difficult. In a world of “more” — more information, more choice and more people — today’s CSOs look to their strategy and talent to pull ahead of the competition. 

That’s why our most-read sales articles were focused on how best to do so. In case you missed them, here are the Smarter With Gartner sales articles that garnered the most attention in 2019.

No. 1 — The Power of the Challenger Sales Model

Challenger™ sales reps are most effective at selling in the complex world of buying today and tomorrow because they take control of the purchase conversation in a way that leads their customers back to the unique strengths of the organization. Read now

No. 2 — What Sales Should Know About B2B Buyers in 2019

Sales organizations can’t continue to hit — or exceed — targets while operating as they always have. Why? Because customer and seller behaviors, expectations and relationships have shifted. Leaders must understand the implications of these shifts. Read now

No. 3 — What to Do When Your Sales Pipeline Lies to You

How would you depict your sales process? Is it a straight line? Most sales organizations organize activity around a linear pipeline, seeking to move opportunities from one stage to the next until deal closure. This view of deal progression misrepresents the underlying buying reality and is causing a great deal of troubleRead now

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No. 4 — Winning Challenger Sales Reps Solve Problems and Build Consensus

A key behavior of a Challenger sales rep is to position their solution to meet their buyer’s objectives and to appeal to the entire buying decision group. This attention to the buying group reveals alignment or misalignment and provides the help customers need to make the sale. Read now

No. 5 — What Type of Sales Manager Are You?

Managers play a key role in the sales organization. They cascade messages, reduce sales reps intent to leave and intervene at the first signs of underperformance. So what makes some managers more effective than others? And how can you have more of them? Read now

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