What CIOs Love and Hate about Their Jobs

CIOs shared what they enjoy most and least about their roles with some conflict in what’s necessary for success.

According to Gartner’s 2016 CIO Agenda on Building the Digital Platform, CIO power and influence are up from 2014 and continue to increase. Most CEOs see their CIO role as having the most digital leadership responsibility, but how do CIOs feel about this? Are they excited by the challenge or worried about the change?

At Gartner Symposium/ITxpo in Barcelona, Dave Aron, vice president and and Gartner Fellow, shared the results of an open ended question to CIOs in the 2016 CIO Agenda survey about what they enjoy most and least about their role. He said CIOs are excited by the opportunity and the imperative to lead and drive change, but they are concerned about their ability to cut through organizational policies, processes and politics.


Mr. Aron said, “Free up time through delegation and more aggressive prioritization, and use that time to influence and increase enterprise digital savvy, and build stakeholder power.”

This advice may not be new, but the need to act is. “If CIOs don’t make significant progress now, they will fall under the digital bus. This is not simply a matter of being a more efficient and effective IT leader. It means stepping up to the plate in digital business leadership, recognizing this as a team sport and bringing the business leadership and the IT team with you.”


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