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Win More Sales Deals With Sense Making Sellers

October 25, 2019

Contributor: Jordan Bryan

Gartner expert Scott Collins discusses B2B buying today, how sellers approach information and how one approach outperforms the others.

Sellers face an uphill battle today as customers spend a lot of time researching independently and have access to seemingly limitless information that is getting better and better.

With no shortage of high-quality information, sellers must shift to building customers’ confidence and reducing their skepticism. They deliver this new value by helping customers make sense of information as they move forward through the buying process. 

In this interview, Scott Collins, Vice President, Team Manager in the Gartner sales practice, joins Heather Levy, MVP, Marketing, at Gartner, to discuss how sales leaders can raise the odds that their sellers will close high-quality deals that customers are less likely to regret.

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