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To foster information sharing and best practices among AR professionals for more effective and efficient interactions with Gartner and measureable business value to their company's.

December 2011 Analyst Relations Newsletter

Jeff Golterman
GVP, Gartner High-Tech Telecom Programs

Dear Colleague:

We wish to thank those of you who attended the Gartner Analyst Relations Forums in Orlando, Barcelona and Gold Coast Australia, who helped make Symposium/ITxpo the best ever for Gartner and our clients!

Our December newsletter will help you find the presentations and audio files from the AR Forums, discuss updates in the research process surrounding Magic Quadrants, update you on questions regarding the Gartner Vertical Industry coverage, discuss best practices in Strategic Advisory Sessions (SAS) and Vendor Briefings, and introduce you to the new analyst arrivals at Gartner.

2011 Gartner AR Forum Presentations: We want to first thank many of our vocal AR Community members in North America who took the time to provide feedback on our Orlando AR Forum sessions. This allowed us to adjust our Barcelona agenda and hold a more interactive AR and analyst panel, which was very well received. In addition to listening to the outcomes of this panel, you can hear the other AR Forum presentations by following the links below. We hope you and your colleagues enjoy the replays!

Understanding Magic Quadrants and MarketScopes: Charles Smulders, Managing Vice President, Research Strategy and Operations, shares his update for the AR Community on key questions such as: How are new MQs launched? What’s the rationale behind their consolidation and retirement? What guidelines determine if a vendor is included or not? Charles answers these and other questions that may help you as you work with Gartner analysts on this important methodology.

Gartner Vertical Industry Research: We invited Bruce Bond to update you all on Gartner vertical industry research. As group vice president of Gartner Industry Advisory Services research, Bruce shares his perspectives for AR professionals looking to strengthen their vertical AR programs. In particular, Bruce describes how his team covers the verticals, how lines of business and IT need to work together within the industries, how AR professionals can “go vertical” in their own programs and how to personally strengthen ones’ vertical industry knowledge in preparation for working with the industry analysts.

Strategic Advisory Session (SAS) and Vendor Briefing Scheduling: These two areas of high interest to the AR Community are addressed by Pete Kalinowski, managing vice president with the Gartner research strategy and operations team. Pete describes best practices in scheduling SAS and VBs with an eye to helping AR professionals shorten scheduling times.

New Analyst Arrivals: Many of you heard Peter Sondergaard discuss at the AR Forum in Orlando, Barcelona and Gold Coast, the Gartner analyst hiring strategy for the future. The plan has delivered a number of new hires that we’d like you to “meet.." Covering areas from security and risk management to retail, communication service providers, supply chain, IT operations, verticals and a host of other areas, the recent Research new hires expand the Gartner global footprint as well. We urge you to reach out to our newest Research team members as they align with your AR Program strategy.

As always, please contact us at, if you have any questions.


Jeff Golterman