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February 2015 Analyst Relations Newsletter

Jeff Golterman
GVP, Gartner High-Tech Telecom Programs

Dear Colleague:

Welcome to our first Newsletter for 2015! We trust your plans for the year are well underway, so we’re providing several key articles touching on topics that we believe are important to fold into your plans for 2015.

Optimized Delivery Streamlines the MQ Research Process: Gartner Research has been working closely with many of you in the AR Community, gathering your feedback on how Gartner can simplify and streamline the MQ Research process. Here, Claire Dessaux, Managing Vice President, Gartner Research and MQ Research Process Optimization Program Lead, shares her perspectives on the scope of the project, how your feedback will help to shape its outcome and what you can expect as AR professionals with the next steps in the program.

Changes to the Ombudsman Process: As a parallel effort to the Magic Quadrant Optimized Delivery project outlined by Claire Dessaux, one of the related workstreams in this important project is to address the AR Community’s questions pertaining to escalations around Magic Quadrants. This month, Nancy Erskine, Group Vice President, Gartner Office of the Ombudsman, will share her perspectives with the AR Community on “how and when” to escalate, and how a more transparent MQ process, especially around how vendors are evaluated, should reduce escalation volumes. Finally, should an escalation make sense, the Gartner Ombudsman outlines a set of recommended steps for vendors to take that make the escalation process more efficient.

Gartner Analyst Perspectives on Holding “Analyst Days”: Gartner analysts receive invites from many of you for “Analyst Days.” We hear from the analysts that some provider-run Analyst Days are worth attending and others, well, not so much. This article, based on direct feedback from analysts, research leadership and the Gartner Ombudsman, will help guide you to decide if an Analyst Day makes sense and, if so, will provide helpful recommendations on planning agendas, how to engage the analysts, and avoid attendance-killing pitfalls. We’ve also included a sample agenda and suggested setback timing to help you plan Analyst Days more effectively.

Recent Analyst Hires: Since our last Newsletter in July, Gartner Research continued to add to the analyst ranks with 46 new analysts in the following areas: Communication Service Providers, Public Sector, Data Center – Cloud, Network Security, UC Network Systems & Service, Enterprise Software, Collaboration & Content, Information & Analytics, Consumer Technologies & Markets, Data Management, Office of the CIO, Applications & Industries, Financial Services, Supply Chain, Marketing Leaders, Security & Risk, Information Management, Healthcare, Sourcing & Vendor Management, Application Strategy & Governance, IT Procurement & Asset Management, Data Center – Services & Integrated Systems, and Services & Invest.

A New, More Interactive AR Community Site On the Way: We are very excited to be working on a new AR Community Virtual Community site that will enable the Gartner AR Community to access the growing library of video-based materials captured during our AR Community briefings and events. The new site, expected to launch in March of 2015, will also enable the AR Community members to collaborate with Gartner more frequently, provide more regular feedback on programs, and enable search of the library of articles, presentations, and on-demand audio and video AR resources. We’ll be sure to invite all of you to explore our new site when it goes live on or around March 15!

As always, please send us your questions to, and we wish you much continued success with your Analyst Relations programs!


Jeff Golterman
Gartner GVP, High Tech Programs
Gartner AR Community Lead