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June 2013 Analyst Relations Newsletter


Gartner Magic Quadrant Enhancements 2013

Julie Thomas
MVP, Research Content Strategy
Gartner Research

You may already be aware that Gartner Research is planning to release an enhanced version of the Gartner Magic Quadrant on 29 July. Some exciting new features are in store for our clients, and we want to communicate them to you well in advance of the launch to be sure you know exactly what to expect. We hope this article will answer some of the most-asked questions about the Gartner Magic Quadrant enhancements and how they will benefit our clients.

For those who were not able to attend the June 13 Magic Quadrant Enhancements 2013 Webinar preview session for the Gartner Analyst Relations Community, click here to watch a replay or view the presentation slides which include answers to some commonly asked questions.

The same trusted methodology in a new, interactive experience

First and foremost, it is important to understand that Gartner clients were the driving force behind the exciting new enhancements to the Magic Quadrant. Clients around the globe told us that the proven Magic Quadrant research and methodology is essential, but asked for new ways to interact to increase the relevancy of this research based on their unique needs. Thus the time-tested, trusted and proven Gartner Magic Quadrant methodology that our clients have come to rely on has not changed. What has changed is the way clients can now interact with the Gartner Magic Quadrant.

The enhanced Magic Quadrant is highly interactive, creating a more compelling user experience and making it easier to gain deeper insights with a customized view of the market aligned to the unique needs and priorities of all our clients. The following table explains the Magic Quadrant enhancements and the benefits they provide both to end-user clients and to technology and service providers:

Magic Quadrants

Questions you may have regarding the transition to the enhanced Magic Quadrant

Following are a few questions you may encounter as you brief your organization on the enhancements to the Magic Quadrant.

Will the customized criteria weightings affect the way end users perceive our market position?
The customized criteria are simply a way for clients to focus on the most important criteria for the unique needs of their organization; the custom weightings do not reflect the opinions of Gartner analysts. We’ve added some distinct design features to the custom view so that clients will always be able to distinguish a custom view from Gartner analysis. For example, when a client adjusts the criteria weightings, the custom view will appear in a different color to distinguish it from the original Gartner Magic Quadrant. Custom views always carry a digital watermark, and will appear with the original Gartner Magic Quadrant graphic when saved, exported and printed to ensure the original Gartner analysis remains prominent. Customized views of the Magic Quadrant are for internal purposes only and cannot be used in external documents or promotional materials per Gartner standard usage guidelines.

How will Gartner account for significant market changes in the historical year-over-year view?
Although markets change year over year, clients have told us they want to see shifts and trends in positioning over time to help inform and plan their vendor selection strategy. In fact, clients have told us they attempt to create these views themselves using their own tools. The historical view makes it easier for clients to view shifts and trends while ensuring the original integrity of the research. If a market changes dramatically from one year to the next, the historical comparison will not be made available. Additionally, for all Magic Quadrants, the research note will include a detailed account of market conditions and changes so that users can rationalize vendor placement from one year to the next.

Magic Quadrants

Will every Magic Quadrant (old and new) be updated to reflect the new format?
On 29 July, Gartner Magic Quadrants published between July 2012 and April 2013 will be updated with the look and feel of the new interactive graphic, and the new zoom features and historical comparisons will be enabled. However, these Magic Quadrants won't be customizable because they were not originally published in this format. Magic Quadrants publishing from May 2013 onward will feature the new look and feel as well as all of the new interactive features, including the customized criteria feature, after July 29. It is important to note that Magic Quadrants scheduled to publish between May and 29 July 2013 will publish twice; first in the "current" Magic Quadrant format, and then updated in July to include the new enhancements, including the customized evaluation criteria feature.

Will the publication schedule of new Magic Quadrants be affected by the transition?
No. We do not expect any delays in the publication of new Magic Quadrants. The vendor review process remains the same.

Will reprints be available for custom or historical Magic Quadrants?
No. Reprints will not be available for purchase of custom or historical year-over-year comparison view Magic Quadrants. Only the static Gartner-published view of the market will be made available for reprints.

We are looking forward to the release of the enhanced Gartner Magic Quadrant for all clients on 29 July 2013.. We have included some additional resources for you to get more information about these important new features, including common FAQs. However, we are happy to answer any questions or concerns you have in the meantime. Please feel free to direct questions to your Gartner Research team contact.

Click here to view the Vendor Overview Video and Vendor Preview Session PowerPoint.

June 13 Gartner Analyst Relations Community Gartner Magic Quadrant Enhancements 2013 Webinar
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