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June 2017 Analyst Relations Newsletter

Jeff Golterman
GVP, Gartner High-Tech Telecom Programs

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Dear Colleague:

We’re pleased to introduce a new Gartner report that will help technology BU leaders benchmark competitive performance. As many of you are aware, Gartner Vendor Revenue Profiles analyze the revenue breakdown of 1,000+ IT companies across a common set of 25 market segments.

Built on this research, Gartner has just unveiled its ranking of Global Top 100 IT companies based on IT and component revenue estimates for calendar years 2016 and 2015. (Gartner analysts will present these findings during the Gartner Tech Growth & Innovation Conference 2017, on June 19 – 21 in Huntington Beach, CA.)

Business leaders can use the Global Top 100 list to see where their performance ranks as the drivers of IT purchasing shift from the Nexus of Forces to digital business.

See more details on the new Gartner Global Top 100 IT Vendors report below, and as always, please send any questions to


Jeff Golterman
Gartner GVP, High Tech Programs
Gartner AR Community Lead


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What is the Gartner Top 100 IT Vendors report?
The Gartner Global Top 100 IT Vendors report features Gartner’s ranking of IT companies by their revenue across IT (excluding communication services) and components market segments for calendar years 2016 and 2015. It is based on Gartner Vendor Revenue Profiles, which represent Gartner’s analysis of a vendor's reported revenue mapped to Gartner’s market segmentation. 

What is the methodology behind the new Gartner Top 100 IT Vendors report?
Vendor Revenue Profiles data is an estimated calendar-year view of a vendor’s reported sales in U.S. dollars across IT, OT and components market segments. Technology market segments are non-overlapping and reconciled with the consolidated view of the vendor’s public financial statements when available. The Gartner Global Top 100 IT Vendors report ranks 100 IT vendors based on a subset of the revenue data available in the Vendor Revenue Profiles.

For the purposes of a Vendor Revenue Profile, a “vendor” is defined as a trading entity that sells a finished product into a channel or directly to end users; it can be a subsidiary, joint venture or division as long as it maintains a separate marketing, sales and customer support structure independent of the parent company or companies. The Gartner Global Top 100 IT Vendors report aggregates these trading entities into “Vendor Groups” based on their ownership structure.

Why is Gartner doing this?
Increasing market complexity, led by transformational technologies and evolving business models, is challenging the way Gartner clients view markets — and the vendors within those markets. Clients tell us they are increasingly analyzing market opportunities and competitors outside traditional market boundaries when they review their product portfolio, investment decisions, potential revenue streams and go-to-market strategy. To that end, they can use this new Gartner ranking of IT vendors to assess the impact of digital disruptors (see Disruptions and Disruptors Are Reshaping the Digital Landscape) on traditional IT vendors, as well as chart the rise of the digital giants; Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent.  

How can our AR community find out more?
Contact your account executive to discuss this new report in more detail, or email