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October 2011 Analyst Relations Newsletter

Jeff Golterman
GVP, Gartner High-Tech Telecom Programs

Dear Colleague:

October has many of us anticipating Gartner Symposium/ITxpo season and the buzz created when thousands of CIOs, IT professionals, analysts and high-tech providers get together around the world to talk IT. We also look forward to the updated research positions that Symposium/ITxpo brings, many of which are driven by the major themes affecting and driving opportunity in our industry.

It makes sense then that we explore these themes. So we've invited David Willis, Gartner Symposium/ITxpo analyst keynote chair, and Jamie Popkin, U.S. Symposium/ITxpo chair, to discuss the themes behind the always-thought-provoking analyst keynote, and the conference tracks and presentations. Both David and Jamie provide insights into what our AR community members can expect to take away from this year’s Symposium/ITxpo.

We’ll also provide details for you on the upcoming Analyst Relations Forums that all of you are invited to attend in Orlando, Barcelona and, new this year, Gold Coast Australia. We’ll wrap up the newsletter with an update from Jason Cutler, senior director, Gartner Licensing and Compliance, who will provide a resource for you regarding Gartner compliance issues.

2011 Symposium/ITxpo Analyst Keynote: David Willis, Gartner Symposium/ITxpo chair, provides our AR community with insights on what to expect in the analyst keynote at this year’s worldwide Symposia events. David describes how massive mobility, maturing social networking, and cloud computing will impact us all like never before.

2011 Symposium/ITxpo Themes and Tracks: Jamie Popkin, U.S. Symposium/ITxpo chair, expands on David’s discussion of keynote themes and highlights the key tracks and presentations that will be of high interest to our AR community. Jamie talks about the vendor-focused tracks "Strategic Vendors" and "Emerging Disruptors," and why the Mavericks track is another must-attend set of sessions for our AR community.

2011 Analyst Relations Forums: This year, you are all invited to the Analyst Relations Forums in Orlando, Barcelona and, new this year, Gold Coast Australia. Speakers include Gene Hall, Gartner CEO; Peter Sondergaard, global head of research; Jenni Lehman, global head of research operations; Nancy Erskine, ombudsman; and Martin Reynolds, managing vice president, research. Gene and Peter will update the AR community on Gartner and Gartner Research strategies, respectively. Jenni will introduce the AR community to new methodology updates, and Nancy will update us on a new quote policy, which many of you will no doubt enjoy. And in line with our Symposia themes, Martin Reynolds will provide details on a newly expanding research coverage area, consumer IT, and will discuss why it's important for AR professionals to work with their colleagues on this important area. I'll wrap it up with another "we are listening to the AR community" topic regarding giving our high-tech clients the ability to access the Gartner CIO research - requested by many of you over the last two years.

AR Tutorial and Individual Assistance at Orlando and Barcelona Symposia: The expansion of the AR community around the world has increased the number of requests we receive to help AR professionals, either new to their role or new to working with us, get up to speed on Gartner. As a result, we’re offering a tutorial, "Optimizing Relationships With Analyst Firms," in Orlando and Barcelona that AR community members can attend to learn more about Gartner methodologies, preparing for Vendor Briefings, strategies for analyst alignment and tips from the analysts on what they value in an AR program.

Compliance Program Update: As our businesses expand globally, we've seen an uptick in high-tech vendor awareness of intellectual property issues. As a result, many high-tech providers approach our account executives with questions about Gartner guidelines. Jason Cutler, senior director, Licensing and Compliance, will provide key tips on compliance and how to contact the Gartner Compliance team when you have questions about compliant methods of sharing Gartner content and participating in Gartner analyst inquiries.

As always, please contact us at if you have any questions, and we look forward to seeing you at Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2011.


Jeff Golterman

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