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Dear Colleague:

October and November have been busy months for the AR Community — A webinar on 13 October, then the AR Forum on 18 October at Gartner Symposium/ITxpo Orlando and November 8 in Barcelona. Several luminary AR Community leaders sat for interviews about their Analyst Relations leadership strategies — all reflected in this month’s newsletter. Let’s get right to it!

Gartner AR Community 13 October Webinar replay and supporting charts are now available: Jim Dunlavey, VP, High Tech Programs Portfolio Development, shared an update on the Gartner Peer Insights platform, highlighting updated tools and capabilities for tech providers. David Black, VP Research Methodologies and Content Architecture, discussed Magic Quadrant Reference surveys and their integration into Peer Insights, and what tech providers should do when using the Peer Insights platform to submit references for the Gartner Magic Quadrant research process. And finally, Claire Dessaux, MVP, Research Content Planning and Delivery, provided important reminders on what to expect during the MQ research process and who to contact should you have any questions. Please click on the following link to listen to the replay of the webinar and to access the PDF of the webinar charts.

Analyst Relations Best Practice Interviews: We are honored to have three Global Analyst Relations leaders share their approaches to AR leadership success. Ricarda Rodatus, Vice President Global Analyst Relations at Oracle, shares how building strong relationships, listening to analysts, measuring outcomes and investing in the team have been key elements of her successful program. Cathy Mullaney, Global Head of Analyst Relations, Verizon Enterprise Solutions, discusses how building analyst and executive trust, incorporating analyst advice into decision making and focusing on what is mission-critical to the business has enabled her team’s impact to grow since taking up the leadership role several years ago. And Steven Armstrong, Director of AR at Amazon, shares a customer-centric approach to AR that calls for a focus on accuracy of analyst evaluations, a strict avoidance of attempts to influence analysts, and a unique engagement model with analysts that is reflective of the faster, more nimble solution development and delivery rhythms essential to cloud computing. It was truly refreshing discussing AR strategy with Ricarda, Cathy and Steven.

Analyst Relations Forum, Orlando and Barcelona: Over 300 AR Community members joined together to attend the Gartner Analyst Relations Forums in Orlando and Barcelona. Initial scans of evaluation forms indicate overall satisfaction scores of 4+ out of 5 as Gene Hall, Gartner CEO, updated the audience on the Gartner business strategy; Ken Davis, SVP, Gartner Products and Services, illustrated why tech industry providers are adopting the Gartner Peer Insights platform to support their user survey strategy; David McVeigh, SVP, Gartner Digital Markets, introduced the Gartner platform for supporting a tech provider user survey strategy within SMB customer markets; and Peter Sondergaard, SVP and Global Research Head, discussed important analyst coverage and methodology updates as well as provided a preview of hot topics and Research themes for. Peter’s session was within the context of what many attendees cited as one of the most captivating Symposium/ITxpo Keynote presentations they’ve ever seen. A selection of charts from the AR Forum is now posted, with additional media to be added when available.

Ken Davis’ presentation highlighted the accelerating volumes of Peer Insights IT end-user surveys that are being driven by their desire to see peers’ ratings of vendor offerings as part of their buying process. Gartner has continued to invest in strengthening the tools for high-tech providers within Peer Insights to enable vendors to amplify the voice of their customers by launching a campaign to get Peer Insights reviews today. Learn how to get started at the Tech Provider Info page. If you’re an existing user, please check the link today to tap into an updated set of administration and campaigning tools, as well as the ever-growing volume of product reviews.

As always, please let us know if we can help via a personal conversation with any questions, issues or opportunities you are facing with your AR program. You can reach us at We wish you much continued success with your Analyst Relations programs!


Jeff Golterman
Gartner GVP, High Tech Programs
Gartner AR Community Lead