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Gartner Usage Policy

Analyst Inquiry

We welcome you to call us if you are a Gartner Licensed User with Analyst Inquiry Service.

You may use our Analyst Inquiry Calls (or Written Responses, where approved) to discuss:

  1. Company related issues
  2. Interpretation of Gartner Research
  3. Document reviews such as basic technology reviews of business-related documents (up to twenty (20) pages max including its attachments)
  4. Contract reviews such as IT outsourcing contracts (up to twenty (20) pages max per contract including its attachments)

NOTE: Non-Users, inside or outside the Client company, may not participate on Inquiry Calls or receive copies of Written Responses. For the avoidance of doubt, "participate" in this context means Non-Users:

  1. May not physically attend a session
  2. May not listen in to an Analyst Inquiry session

Analyst Inquiry entitlements beyond the baseline service described hereunder may vary by service purchased. For additional guidance on your service-specific entitlements, please consult your account representative.

Best Practices for using Analyst Inquiry

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REMINDER: This is a baseline license that may vary depending on your purchased product. Click here for further guidance.

Updated as of May 2017