Gartner Policies

Corrections 2003

A listing of corrections, errors and omissions.

Gartner strives to meet the highest standards for accuracy and thoroughness in our research and editorial coverage. When oversights occur, however, we will list them below.

28 November 2003
In the Gartner Dataquest Market Statistics report Worldwide Switching Market Forecast Update, 1998-2007,the labels in Table 1-1 for Service Provider Router (SPR) and Backbone Multiservice Provider (BMSP) were transposed so that SPR revenue was attributed to BMSP and vice versa. In addition, revenue data for SPR for 2001 in each of the Western Europe, Eastern Europe and Middle East and Africa countries and regions was incorrectly entered. The same data was correctly reproduced in the regional document "Switching Equipment: Western Europe Midyear Update, 1998-2007."

10 November 2003
In our 14 October 2003 report, 2002 NSM Market Statistics and Vendor Shares, we did not include Quest's Shareplex product as a network and systems management (NSM) product. Gartner has reclassified the Quest Shareplex product as an NSM product for 2002. This increases Quest's NSM revenue estimate by about $17 million in the Availability and Performance category and in the total NSM aggregation. This change increases the estimate of Quest's NSM growth rate.

There is no material impact on the findings of the 2002 NSM Market Statistics and Vendor Shares report. There are slight and immaterial changes to total regional and operating systems estimates in Tables 1-2, 1-3, 1-4, 1-5, 1-11, 1-12. There is no impact on the NSM forecast outlook.

3 November 2003
In Hardware Platforms Weekly, Issue 41, the "Dell and HP Announce New Handheld Computers" articled incorrectly stated that Dell would delay a wireless PDA that it announced with Good Technology in April 2003. Dell has not announced an indefinite delay of this wireless PDA. A correction of this oversight also appears in The Hardware Platforms Weekly, Issue 43.

15 October 2003
In our 13 January report, Designers Reveal Requirements for Next-Generation ASICs and FPGAs, incorrect data was used in creating Figures 5-12, 5-13, 5-14 and 5-15. The data in these figures has been corrected, and the report has been updated as of 15 October 2003.

28 August 2003
In our 18 August report, AIM and Portal Market Forecast and Trends, 2002-2007 the growth rates in Table 6-2, Table 7-2, Table 8-3 and Table 9-2 were incorrectly listed under the wrong years. The data in these Tables has been corrected, and the report has been updated as of 28 August 2003.

7 August 2003
In our 8 July 2003 report, 2002 Database Management Systems Market Share the new license revenue for Oracle was incorrectly allocated across all regions, except Europe. This affected market share across the Total Database and Relational Database segments. The data for these segments and regions has been corrected, and the report has been updated as of 7 August 2003.

25 July 2003
In our 11 July 2003 report entitled, Mobile Terminal Market Shares: Japan, 1Q03, the unit sales for Panasonic in Table 1-5, "Japan: 1Q03 Camera-Embedded Terminal Market Shares Compared With 1Q02," were incorrectly reported, which also affected the Total line and market share percentages for other vendors. Table 1-5 has been corrected and the report has been updated.

18 June 2003
In our 29 May 2003 report, 1H03 Worldwide Electronic Equipment Production and Semiconductor Consumption Forecast, 2001-2007, Tables 1-5 and 1-6 were missing two line items (Routers, and Service Provider and SONET/SDH). The tables were corrected to include the missing lines and the report has been updated.

30 May 2003
In our 16 April 2003 report entitled Final 2002 Worldwide Semiconductor Market Share, the 2002 rankings were erroneously reported under 2001 and vice versa in Table 2-22, and some percentages were wrong. Table 2-22 has been corrected and the report has been updated.

1 May 2003
In our 25 April Dataquest Alert entitled Server Shipments Slip Sequentially, Grow Yearly in 1Q03, we stated that "HP extended its worldwide unit market share leadership…". To clarify, this means that HP "extended" or continued its position in a series of reporting periods. It does not mean that HP has grown its absolute market share.

HP is still the lead in worldwide shipments despite a two percentage point decrease in worldwide market share in the quarter. Furthermore, HP maintained its U.S. market share year on year in shipments, although it lost that share leadership position in the U.S.

23 April 2003
In our 15 April 2003 report entitled Tape Automation Systems Market Shares, 2002, one vendor's library product in the Small Form Factor Half-Inch Cartridge/Other Data Cartridge and DLT/SDLT/LTO automation segment was incorrectly included in the 20 Cartridges or Less category. It should have been included in the 21 to 100 Cartridges category. This correction reduced the total units for 2002 and 2001 in Tables 7-3 and 7-4, and it resulted in increasing the total units for 2002 and 2001 in Tables 7-8 and 7-9. This change also resulted in changes to the vendors' market shares in the tables referenced and also led to some slight shifts in vendor rankings. The overall market size for this segment and for the total tape automation systems market remains unchanged.

7 April 2003
In our March 20 report entitled PLM Market Requires Best-of-Breed and ERP Capabilities (M-19-4411), we stated that Agile Software suffers from declining revenue and ongoing quarterly losses. Revenue has not been declining. It has been improving since July 2002. However, Agile is reporting quarterly losses.

5 March 2003
In our March 5 report entitled Web Hosting: Comparison Columns (DPRO-96696), we erroneously stated that IBM had exited the Web hosting services market. IBM has not stopped offering Web Hosting services, but it has stopped selling the Service Provider Edition of its WebSphere Commerce Suite. The report has been updated to reflect this correction.

25 February 2003
In the Gartner Market Trends report Security Software Market: Europe, 1999-2006 (SWSF-EU-MT-0109;SWSI-WW-MT-0114), Microsoft's estimated annual European security revenue historical time series, representing Microsoft's 2000 European security revenue estimate was inaccurately listed as $19.5 million. The estimate should be $16.5 million (Table 6-1 and Figure 6-1). The report has been updated to reflect this change. The estimated size of the total security market in Europe and of the other security segment in 2000 were not affected.