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Corrections 2004

A listing of corrections, errors and omissions.

Gartner strives to meet the highest standards for accuracy and thoroughness in our research and editorial coverage. When oversights occur, however, we will list them below.

21 December 2004
In our 17 December 2004 research document Despite Growth, Next Downcycle for Semiconductor Market Under Way, (G00125446), there were some minor changes made to Table 1; in particular, Matsushita's and Fujitsu's numbers were in error. There was also a typographical error in the text in which we stated that the Memory market grew 54.4 percent. The actual growth rate for the Memory market was 44.7 percent. It was the DRAM market that grew 54.4 percent. We have corrected and republished the document.

15 December 2004
In the Gartner Dataquest research report Market Share: SCM Software, Worldwide, 2003 (G00121441), published 30 June 2004, the license revenues for Intentia and IFS were misrepresented by the inclusion of maintenance revenue. We have adjusted our estimates for i2 Technologies because of publicly available information that was recently released.

The correction represented 0.0047 percent of the worldwide SCM market. The effect was so minimal that no change was felt necessary. Changes to individual vendor market share in each region, industry and OS, as well as Gartner Dataquest’s representation of other vendors, are represented because of the shift in the two vendors’ revenue. It has a minor effect on the other vendors’ market share in these tables. We have provided market share for the United States and Canada as well. An updated report has been published titled Market Share: SCM Software, Worldwide, 2003, Update (G00125331).

9 December 2004
In the research document Branch and AML Vendors Can Profit From Collaboration (G00124383) we incorrectly reported the FBI estimate of annual check fraud losses, and have corrected the amount to $4 billion per year.

In MarketScope: E-Recruitment Software (G00125175), a correction was made regarding SAP E-Recruiting. The application can integrate with HR as far back as version 4.0B.

1 December 2004
In our 12 August 2004 research document The Australian IT Services Market Is Recovering, (G00122266) we failed to include four service contracts in a list of selected contracts entered into in 2004. We have added two April contracts and two June contracts to the list and republished the document.

15 September 2004
A recent Gartner research report, Nashuatec Turns Its Service Organization Into a Profit Maker (G00123641), published 13 September 2004, did not credit ClickSoftware's ClickSchedule product for its role in field service optimization at Nashuatec. A revision to the report acknowledging ClickSoftware was published on 14 September 2004.

9 August 2004
In Information Democracy: Are We There Yet? (COM-23-0777), one of the examples for customers did not accurately reflect the impact on the customer relationship: "Car lease companies share management information with the fleet managers of their corporate clients. Consequently, the cars and the service processes do not provide competitive differences between suppliers." It has been updated to correct this oversight: "The cars and processes of car lease companies do not provide competitive differences between suppliers. Consequently, car lease companies share management information with the fleet managers of their corporate clients to differentiate through service."

4 August 2004
In our 15 July 2004 report, Vendor Rating: PeopleSoft Is More Than Just HR (VDR-21-4592), in the Detailed Ratings table, the subcategory "Project Portfolio Management" under "Market Offerings" was erroneously called "Product Portfolio Management." In the text and Acronym Key, PPM was erroneously labeled "product portfolio management." The acronym actually represents the term "project portfolio management."

14 June 2004
In our 10 June 2004 research document Service Providers Deliver E-Mail Active Archiving it was erroneously reported that ZANTAZ claims to have more than 3 million message and documents under management. The actual figure is 3 billion. The note has been corrected.

4 June 2004
In a Gartner research report Vendor Rating: Pivotal Is Stronger, but Challenges Remain published 1 June, Gartner inadvertently listed Pivotal's Contact Center product as only running on Pivotal's C++ based Windows 32-bit client when it also runs on its Rich Client (the Rich Client, formerly named Active Client, provides a Web browser-based user interface for LAN/connected users). Gartner also noted that Pivotal does not have the support of a reseller network for penetrating midsize businesses and small enterprises. Although this is true in North America, Pivotal has more than 95 reseller partners in its international regions that account for over 50 percent of its international business. A revision to the report was published on 4 June.

1 June 2004
In the Gartner Dataquest research report titled Market Shares: Tape Automation Systems, Worldwide, 2003 published 23 April 2004, one Quantum product model was inadvertently included in the 20 Cartridges or Fewer category instead of the 21 to 100 Cartridges category in the SFF Half-Inch Cartridge segment. The correction affects the Quantum and industry totals shown in Tables 7-4 and 7-5. It also has a minor effect on the other vendors' market shares in these two tables.

27 May 2004
In the 20 May 2004 Market Statistics document titled Market Share and Forecast: Broadband Access, Asia/Pacific and Japan, 1998-2008, we had not updated the currency exchanges for various countries. Furthermore, some compound annual growth rates listed for 2003 through 2007 were actually for 2003 through 2008. We also revised the title to "Forecast: Broadband Access, Asia/Pacific and Japan, 1998-2008, 1Q04" to show that it is a quarterly update.

26 May 2004
In our 26 April 2004 document, Fab Database: Worldwide, 1Q04 Update (Executive Summary) Agilent's Fab B4 in Fort Collins, Colorado, was incorrectly listed as a fab to close in 2004. Agilent's fab is ramping up rapidly, with no plans to close. This information has been corrected, and the document has been updated 25 May 2004."

24 May 2004
In the Gartner Dataquest Alert titled, Semiconductor Vendors Saw High Growth in China in 2003, published 7 April 2004, we misstated the revenue numbers for Philips Semiconductors. Consequently, the company ranking and the total industry revenue were also incorrect. The Alert was replaced with a corrected version on 24 May 2004.

21 May 2004
In Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Search, 2004, the dates applied to FAST's sales of enterprise search technology have been corrected: $42 million in 2004, up from $36 million in 2003 (the incorrect dates listed 2003 and 2002).

17 May 2004
In "Magic Quadrant for Web Conferencing, 2004," the description of Oracle's Web Conferencing has been corrected to say it includes voice capture and streaming but lacks full voice over IP (VoIP).

28 April 2004
On 22 April, 2004 we published a report entitled, "OpenPages Acquisition Resolves PwC Software Challenges." This report was published in error and has been deleted. A new report that analyzes OpenPages' acquisition of PricewaterhouseCooper's Internal Controls Workbench product will be published soon.

26 April 2004
In our 26 April 2004 document, Fab Database: Worldwide, 1Q04 Update (Executive Summary), SEMC-WW-EX-0342, NEC's M-Line Fab in Roseville, California, was incorrectly listed as a fab to close in 2004. NEC's fab is running at full production, with no plans to close. This information has been corrected, and the document has been updated 11 May 2004.

14 April 2004
In "Choosing the Right Solution for Application Acceleration" one of the vendor's names was incorrect. The correct name is Redline Networks (not Redline Communications).

30 March 2004
In our 4 March report entitled "Magic Quadrant for Business Process Analysis, 2004" we erroneously referred to Corel/iGrafx as Corel/Micrografx. Since acquiring the company, Corel has ceased referring to it by the name Micrografx. The report and the Magic Quadrant have been updated to reflect this correction.

18 March 2004
In the Gartner research report titled "Service Provider Router Market Share: Worldwide, 4Q03" published 18 February 2004, the market share information for Cisco Systems has been re-reported by the vendor. The data affects Cisco and industry totals shown in Tables 1-2, 2-2 and 2-3. Information concerning core service provider routers and edge sales has also been updated in the Market Overview section of Chapter 3.

2 March 2004
In the Gartner research report "Are You Ready for Corporate Performance Management?" published 30 January 2004, the third answers (c) to questions 9 and 13 were incorrectly phrased. The answers have been corrected and the research report republished.

27 February 2004
In a Gartner research report "Don't Follow the Example of HP and Time for Imaging Projects" published 19 February, Gartner inadvertently listed Persist Technologies' AppStor active-archiving product as a component of a recently announced deal between HP and TIME. A revision to the report was published on 23 February removing the reference to Persist/AppStor"

26 February 2004
In a report titled "Worldwide Internet Access, 2003," published 7 October 2003, the data for Internet subscribers in Asia/Pacific did not conform to the intended definition for number of access seats. Instead, the data included the number of persons using the Internet. Therefore, we have revised and updated this report based on the intended definition. The title for the updated report is "Worldwide Internet Access, 2003 Update."

13 February 2004
On 6 February we published a research report entitled Quest's Acquisition of Aelita Could Complicate Customer Plans. That title misrepresented the tone of the document and has been changed to Quest Boosts Microsoft Management With Aelita. In this same piece, we mistakenly reported that U.S. law prevents Quest and Aelita from announcing an integration roadmap until the acquisition is complete. This inaccuracy has been fixed in the updated version currently available on

12 February 2004
In our 16 January 2004 report, Global Telecommunications Market Take, 4Q03, Table 2 contained incorrect revenue and growth numbers for 2001 and incorrect growth numbers for 2002. The table was corrected on 11 February 2004.