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Corrections 2006

A listing of corrections, errors and omissions.

Gartner strives to meet the highest standards for accuracy and thoroughness in our research and editorial coverage. When oversights occur, however, we will list them below.

29 December 2006
The First Take, "Look Beyond Microsoft�s OCS 2007 Marketing Messages", G00145469, dated 19 December 2006, was published in error and was removed from a few hours later. We plan to discuss the Office Communications Server 2007 announcement at a future date in the Communications Innovation blog (

21 December 2006
In the recently published document, "Emerging Markets: Telecom Trends and Opportunities in Russia" (G00143604) , a note of clarification was missing from the footnote for Table 1. The GDP per capita figure given in the table refers to real GDP per capita according to Global Insight Economic Data.

The same footnote was also missing from Table 1 in "Emerging Markets: Telecom Trends and Opportunities in the Czech Republic" (G00144260) and ""Emerging Markets: Telecom Trends and Opportunities in Hungary" (G00144391). This footnote has now been added to each report.

19 December 2006
We recently republished "A Complement of Solutions for PC Life Cycle Configuration Management" (G00143561) to correct the spelling of Persystent Technologies' name.

In the Oracle Vendor Comments section of the "Magic Quadrant for Data Integration Tools, 2006" (G00141484), it was stated that "Sunopsis conforms to the Eclipse interface standard." This was inaccurate, and the report has now been updated accordingly.

12 December 2006
In the recently published document Market Share: Operations Support Systems, Worldwide, 2005 (G00144618) there was an error in Chapter 2: Worldwide OSS Vendor Market Share by Vendor Type, Table 2.1.

The entry for Rank 8 in this table should read: "Siemens".

As originally published, the document Market Share: Contact Centers, Western Europe, 2005 did not include a significant vendor in the Finnish market. The report has now been updated to correct this.

7 November 2006
In research document Global Crossing Expands Latin American Presence With Impsat Buy, dated 1 November 2006, we misspelled the name of the South American country Colombia. The document has been updated to correct the error.

3 November 2006
Dataquest Insight: Seven Things Vendors Must Do to Succeed in IP Telephony for the SMB Market, dated 13 October 2006, has been revised to remove the following sentence from the second paragraph of the document: "With SMBs expected to spend $6 billion worldwide on IP telephony by 2009, vendors realize that they can focus on the SMB market and make real money." Our forecast numbers for SMB IP telephony are still undergoing analyst review and will be published separately.

23 October 2006
We have republished "Market Share and Forecast: PIM Software, Worldwide, 2004-2010" to correct our revenue estimates for Enterworks.

22 September 2006
We recently published a research report, "25 Years of the PC: The Long Goodbye", dated 14 September 2006, with incomplete information. The document is currently under revision and will be published shortly with updated information.

20 September 2006
A correction has been made to the Gartner Dataquest Market Statistics report titled Forecast: Application Acceleration Equipment, Worldwide, 2005-2010. The changes correct WAN Optimization Controller end-user spending and revenue for 2005 in Tables 1-1, 3-1 and 3-2. As a result, we now forecast that end-user spending on these products will rise by only 28% in 2006.

8 September 2006
A correction has been made to research report titled 'Offshore BPO' Becomes Irrelevant as Service Providers Go Global. The change is to Table 1, CAGR is 65% for India and 70% for Total Offshore.

31 August 2006
On 31 August 2006, we republished Magic Quadrant for Offshore Application Services, 2006. We added a note stating that a weighting was applied to recognize the U.S. as the predominant buying market. Vendors that had a strong presence in the U.S. therefore were in a stronger position for inclusion than those with a greater focus on the European market and a weak presence in the U.S.

10 August 2006
We recently published a research report, "Manage Mobile Devices and Enforce Policy", dated 26 July 2006, with inaccurate and outdated information. The document is currently under revision and will be published shortly with updated information.

9 August 2006
On 8 August, 2006, we republished Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Application Servers, 2Q06, to correct the text for the two BEA Systems entries that had been transposed.

19 July 2006
In Section 2.0 of Market Trends: Desktop Outsourcing, Worldwide, 2006, we listed out-of-date worldwide and geographic forecasts. The information will be updated with new forecast data on 3 August 2006.

14 July 2006
We recently removed a research report for Gartner Invest clients entitled "Symposium Notes: CEO Interviews," dated 2 June 2006. If you have questions regarding this, please contact

30 June 2006
We recently retracted a document entitled "Findings: Mobile Messaging Evolves Into Transparent Converged Communications," dated 21 June 2006, because it did not follow our established procedure for vendor review and introduced new Strategic Planning Assumptions in the incorrect document type. The document has been republished as Findings: Mobile Messaging Becomes Part of Unified Communications and Collaboration, and we will shortly publish our Strategic Planning Assumptions in a separate report providing a full explanation of our positions.

22 June 2006
We recently republished Magic Quadrant for IT Project and Portfolio Management Applications" dated 22 June 2006, to correct several inaccuracies and ambiguities. Following are the revisions:

The original document stated that ProSight was dropped from the MQ and had "abandoned the market." In fact, ProSight continues to sell PPM applications but is refocusing on other core markets.
The phrase "despite a limited R&D budget" was dropped from PowerSteering�s write-up. PowerSteering�s budget is in line with other vendors of comparable size.
A Gartner Strategic Planning Assumption was moved to provide better context.

5 April 2006
Table 9 has been deleted from Sell-Side Trading Systems: Software Directory Columns. Its description of the MX.3 product from Murex has been removed at that company's request. Gartner is still able to provide information on this product to end-user clients that request it.

17 March 2006
In Table 1-1 of Forecast: Mobile Phone Production and Semiconductor Market, Worldwide, 2003-2010 (1Q06 Update), we listed incorrect company names against market shares in some instances. We have now corrected the table.

16 March 2006
We have revised the revenue numbers from 2006 through 2009 in Tables 1 and 2 of Market Trends: Electronic Design Automation, Worldwide, 2005 in the CAE, ESL and Miscellaneous sections. We have revised the CAGR percentages for those sections as well.

15 March 2006
Recently, Gartner released a case study Nova Scotia Uses Shared Services to Align Operations Across the Province on a shared services project under way in the Province of Nova Scotia, Canada. Inadvertently, a version of this case study was published prior to complete clarification of all relevant details. The details of the case study have now been clarified and agreed upon by the provincial government and the appropriate version of this case study is now available.

13 February 2006
We have updated Microsoft's Global Consumer Play Begins to Unfold to reflect information received after publication. Although the positioning of the document is unchanged, we have made a number of changes to clarify this positioning.