Gartner Policies

Gartner Usage Policy

Research Documents - External Use (outside your company)

We welcome you, the Licensed User, to open as many Gartner Research documents as you like: for your personal use within your job and within the scope of your Service.

Gartner Research documents cannot be shared (a) outside your company, or (b) via email, internet posting, or other external information storage & retrieval systems.

If your job role requires you to share Gartner Research outside of your company, you may:

  1. Excerpt or reference with prior written approval from and in compliance with the Gartner Copyright & Quote Policy.
  2. Purchase a Reprint License for External Use. Click here for more information on Reprint Licenses.

Best Practices for using Gartner Research

What if I want to use Gartner Research outside my company...

As a Gartner approved excerpt/quote for an external use?

And am willing to purchase a Reprint License to share the entire Gartner Research document outside my company?

REMINDER: This is a baseline license that may vary depending on your purchased product. Click here for further guidance.

Updated as of April 2018