Gartner Policies

Gartner Usage Policy

Usernames & Passwords

As a Licensed User, you will receive a unique Username and Password, which is for your personal use only, and may not be shared inside or outside your company.

There are two exceptions where your Username and Password may be reassigned to another within your company:

  1. If your job responsibilities substantially change so that you no longer require access to the Gartner Services; or
  2. If you permanently leave your company.

NOTE: When your company substitutes a Licensed User, the new Licensed User must be located in the same country as the original Licensed User. Where not possible, please consult your Account Executive for an appropriate solution.

NOTE: When your company designates Licensed Users based in the United States, your company acknowledges and agrees that those licenses are offered, sold, provided and serviced solely by Gartner, Inc.

NOTE: In situations where your company desires to assign a license to a contractor/sub-contractor

  1. The contractor must be a full-time equivalent, meaning they have a company assigned email address, company business cards and function for all intents and purposes as a full-time employee (as opposed to a temporary contractor for a discrete term);
  2. Company must contractually agree to pass on to contractor the Gartner Usage Policy and to be liable in the event of any misuse or non-compliance with the Services;
  3. Contractor must agree to only use the Services for your company (i.e., the company that issued the license);
  4. In no instance is it ever acceptable for a Licensed User to share their Username and Password with the contractor; and
  5. Upon termination of the contractor's service term with your company please arrange to reassign the User License to another within your company per Gartner Usage Policy referenced above.

Best Practices for proper use of your Username and Password

Why must my Username be my email address?

When is it acceptable to assign a new person to an existing license (i.e., swap out Username & Password)?

REMINDER: This is a baseline license that may vary depending on your purchased product. Click here for further guidance.

Updated as of April 2018