Gartner Executive Programs


CIO for a large automotive supplier company:
"I manage extraordinary change while striving to keep service levels high. With my Executive Programs membership, my advisor personally directs me to the research I need, puts me in touch with others like me and takes individual interest in my agenda."

CIO for an educational institution:
"I choose to work with Executive Programs for three reasons. First, I need a partner with credibility around the globe, a group that can provide relevant information on the issues confronting CIOs around the world. The second reason is the research reports. Even though I have experts, the issues are changing continually. The research we get every couple of weeks through my Executive Programs membership really helps me. Third, is networking. Any time one of my faculty or I have a problem, I'm quickly put in touch with an expert who understands the problem."

SVP, Information Services for a retail company:
"I've got so much work to do, so much managing, so many new projects and so little time that if there's any way I can save time, it's a distinct advantage to me. My membership in Gartner Executive Programs does that for me. I've come to rely on the research and advice. It's proven itself to me many times."

SVP and CIO for a food manufacturer:
"We believe the research we buy from Gartner has helped us significantly, especially when acquiring new technologies. My Executive Programs membership helps me find exactly what I need from Gartner, when I need it."