The Gartner benchmark validated that we were receiving competitive pricing for the service levels we expected. The benchmark was useful in paving the way for our contract extension.
Michael Gold
Director, European Services, Amway (Germany)
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Gartner Consulting | BENCHMARK ANALYTICS

Gartner Benchmarking delivers unbiased comparisons of IT performance
relative to the peer organizations and those considered best-in-class.

CIOs & IT Executives
  • CIOs & IT Executives
  • CIOs and IT Executives benchmarks evaluate performance from two perspectives: a cost and maturity assessment of critical IT competencies and IT business value.
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Infrastructure and Operations
  • Infrastructure & Operations
  • Infrastructure and operations benchmarks create a starting point in the process of helping IT organizations identify and assess all IT performance levels.
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  • Applications
  • Applications benchmarks are the starting point in the process to help IT organizations identify and assess applications development and support performance levels.
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Sourcing & Vendor Relationships
IT Customer Satisfaction
  • IT Customer Satisfaction
  • IT customer satisfaction benchmarks establish a baseline for customer satisfaction and create a road map that helps prioritize efforts to increase these levels.
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IT Business Effectiveness
  • IT Business Effectiveness
  • IT Business Effectiveness benchmarks establish a baseline for IT's effectiveness in meeting business needs and identify opportunities to better align the IT organization with the enterprise for maximum results.
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About Benchmark Analytics

Gartner Benchmarking can help you:
  • Plan your IT budget with relevant facts and metrics to justify your IT spending and staffing costs
  • Identify opportunities for cost optimization and investment prioritization
  • Use data to improve dialogue and alignment with business units and the board
  • Select the right mix of insourcing and outsourcing at fair-market prices and service levels available today

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