The Gartner benchmark validated that we were receiving competitive pricing for the service levels we expected. The benchmark was useful in paving the way for our contract extension.
Michael Gold
Director, European Services, Amway (Germany)
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Gartner Benchmarking | FOR YOUR IT CHALLENGES

Gartner Benchmarking delivers unbiased comparisons of IT performance
relative to the peer organizations and those considered best-in-class.

IT Business Effectiveness

CIOs and IT managers are constantly challenged to support rapidly changing business needs while managing costs and performance in an increasingly complex environment.

Strong IT management and governance processes are required to drive strategic planning, optimal decision making and effective use of existing resources. Support of revenue generation activities is a paramount responsibility.

Our benchmarks establish a baseline for IT's effectiveness in meeting business needs, and identify opportunities to better align the IT organization with the enterprise for optimal results.

Our methodology focuses respondents exclusively on factors contributing to perceptions of IT's effectiveness in meeting business requirements.


We understand the key issues you are facing.

The value of any IT organization is ultimately measured by its ability to align with key business goals, making it critical to know how effectively your IT organization is aligned with BUs' needs and requirements. Evaluating IT's position involves answering some tough questions:

  • How well are the BUs and IT aligned in developing business strategies?
  • How effective is the IT organization in partnering with BU executives to implement technology that addresses the needs of business processes and adds value to the enterprise?
  • Are the techniques being used to evaluate business effectiveness based on trusted information?
  • How can you better align the goals of the IT organization with those of the business?
  • How can you prioritize IT initiatives for increased productivity and ROI?

Your answers to these questions can mean the difference between success and failure in today's rapidly changing and increasingly complex IT environment.


We have the data, tools and capabilities to help.
  • Understand the level of IT alignment with your BUs, and within your enterprise.
  • Understand the top concerns of your stakeholders, executive leadership and management.
  • Leverage supporting analysis that provides insights, data, and best practices you can use immediately to improve business leaders' perception of the value of IT.
  • Establish the foundation for a continuous improvement program.
  • Provide independent recommendations based on quality data that is validated, normalized and continually refreshed.
  • Customize your survey to reflect organizational needs.
  • Benefit from the collective experience, expertise and knowledge of Gartner analysts, consultants and professionals.
  • Proceed with the confidence that Gartner is recognized and trusted at board and executive levels around the globe.

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