The Gartner benchmark validated that we were receiving competitive pricing for the service levels we expected. The benchmark was useful in paving the way for our contract extension.
Michael Gold
Director, European Services, Amway (Germany)
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Gartner Consulting makes extensive use of Gartner Research in our solutions and engagements across multiple industries.

Energy & Utilities

The utilities industry is undergoing significant changes driven by shifting power sources to green, renewable energy; implementing complex demand management methods; and fundamentally changing the business and customer management model from managing "rate payers" to establishing business relationships with customers as they become both a user and a source of energy. IT is a critical asset in these transitions, whether it is implementing advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) solutions, addressing the customer management environment, or addressing other key areas in power generation, distribution, customer services arenas.


We understand the key issues you are facing.
  • Economic Impact – Credit crisis, downturn and stimulus initiatives
  • Energy Price volatility, including international dependencies coupled with demand growth
  • Optimization of existing enterprise work processes
  • Revenue and cost management
  • The Intelligent Grid / AMI
  • Green issues, non-carbon generation, DSM and customer participation
  • Capital and resource allocation to higher value activities, reducing the roughly two thirds of existing budget allocated to embedded process support costs
  • Aging Assets and Workforce
  • IT and Operational Technology Convergence


We have the data, tools and capabilities to help.
  • Strategy & Governance – outline business aligned IT direction and supporting initiatives. Improve prioritization, benefits realization and demand management governance. Business driven 'right things'
  • Applications Portfolio – 3-5 year roadmap of key application areas. Invest, consolidate, replace, retirement plans. Enterprise optimized processes and applications
  • Enterprise Architecture & Technology Innovation – govern IT standards and drive IT domain architecture roadmaps from technology prospective. Guiding enterprise business actions
  • IT Benchmarks & Processes – measure efficiency and effectiveness of IT, consolidate foundation ITIL processes (e.g. ITIL). Measuring and sustaining efficiency
  • Technology Modernization, Infrastructure & Operations – Applying best practice to optimize needs, processes, performance and cost. Best practices to achieve proficiency, efficiency and value
  • Sourcing / Vendor Management – consolidate vendors to key partners.
  • Apply sourcing models - (e.g. in-source, single out-source, multi-source)
  • Negotiate best terms, SOWs, SLAs and price.
  • Sourcing to optimize price, value and strategic resource focus