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From Traditional to Digital and Beyond

Around the globe, countries, cities, and organizations are taking their first steps towards digital transformation in order to capitalize on the opportunity brought about by the next wave of the Internet – the Internet of Everything (IoE). While many are embracing technologies such as Cloud, Collaboration and Data & Analytics, most are not realizing the full value from their digital projects because they fail to recognize that their digital strategy and business strategy are becoming one and the same. In fact, by 2020, 75% of businesses will be digital (seamlessly blending the physical and virtual environments) or will be preparing to become one.

To be ready for this digital transformation, organizations need to transform their business strategy and IT, connect people, process, data and things, embrace analytics, and ensure they are secure everywhere.

Cisco is helping them do this today – we help clients reinvent their businesses and benefit from our experience what's possible when technology and business strategies come together seamlessly. We make digitization a reality by deploying dynamic infrastructures that speed innovation, and by connecting the unconnected to turn data from anywhere into insights everywhere. Cisco is the strategic partner to help clients move from traditional, to digital, and beyond.

This is how we're ready. Are you?

Michael Riegel
Vice President, Internet of Everything, Cloud & Services Marketing
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  • Global Perspectives on Flipping to Digital Leadership:
    The 2015 CIO Agenda
  • Dave Aron Poh-Ling | Lee Partha Iyengar
  • 30 January 2015
  • Building on the 2015 Gartner CIO Survey, in this report we interpret and augment the advice from "Flipping to Digital Leadership: The 2015 CIO Agenda" for specific industry and geographic contexts.

  • Analysis
    The beginning of 2015 is showing high levels of uncertainty in the macroenvironment:
    • Many national economies are in flux, stuck in or recovering from crises.
    • There are a number of geopolitical dramas unfolding.
    • Globalization continues to challenge and reshape the competitiveness of nations, industries and companies.
    • Many industries are in transition, in terms of their products and services, industry boundaries, the structure of their ecosystems, and the nature of competition.
  • Top 10 Strategic Predictions for 2015 and Beyond: Digital Business Is Driving 'Big Change'
  • Daryl C. Plummer | Leslie Fiering | Ken Dulaney | Michael McGuire | Claudio Da Rold | Alexander Drobik, Adam Sarner | William Maurer | Frances Karamouzis | Jorge Lopez | Robert A. Handler | Earl Perkins | Andrew Frank | Elise Olding | Angela McIntyre | Julie Short | Owen Milbury | Michael Shanler | Ruby Jivan | Jake Sorofman | Bryan Taylor | Jennifer Polk
  • 4 October 2014
  • Digitalization and the digital business are catalysts of change that are affecting the human-machine relationship and driving better customer outcomes. IT leaders should use Gartner's predictions as planning assumptions on which to base their strategic plans.
Key Findings
  • Software designers are adding more human-centric designs to business and individual computing-based solutions. Machines are taking a more active role in enhancing human endeavors.
  • Digitalized "things" are making assisted economic decisions.
  • Renovating the customer experience is a digital priority.
  • Use Gartner's predictions as planning assumptions on which to base your strategic plans.
  • Evaluate the near-term flags that indicate whether a prediction is trending toward truth or away from it.

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