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Source-to-Pay Advanced by A Business-Centric Cloud Platform

Constantine Limberakis


A top priority for procurement departments is addressing the need to generate savings, manage risk and improve compliance – supply chain compliance and internal user compliance. Solutions must meet the needs of many with functionality across diverse work streams. This often poses a significant challenge. Purchasing, invoicing, payments, and supplier and contract management involve several groups of users with unique processes. These processes all incorporate procurement information connected throughout the entire source-to-pay continuum.

The need to manage complex procurement work streams with visibility across the entire procurement cycle has created a demand for suites. Most organizations aspire to use these technologies across source-to-pay. Yet many struggle to drive user adoption and compliance. They find it difficult to ensure that solutions are in line with user expectations. Failure to meet user expectations, drive adoption and ensure compliance kills many suite implementations. Read more.

Constantine Limberakis
VP, Product Marketing

Predicts 2016: Procurement and Sourcing Suites Are Expanding in Scope but Buyers Often Struggle With Adoption

  • Magnus Bergfors | Deborah R Wilson
  • 30 November 2015

As procurement suite vendors continue to promote multiple–module solutions more aggressively, IT and procurement leaders need to take care to select the right solutions and implement them correctly to avoid low adoption.

2015 Strategic Roadmap for Automating the Procure–to–Pay Process for Indirect Goods and Services

  • Deborah R Wilson
  • 8 October 2015

Interest in P2P solutions for indirect goods and services is surging as organizations seek to better control spending. IT leaders will improve ROI, user satisfaction and overall adoption by analyzing spending, aligning stakeholder interests and building a strategic roadmap for technology investment.

Determine Content

Source to Pay

The complexity in deploying technology for managing all the processes involved with sourcing, purchasing, payments and managing suppliers is immense. The first step to success is made when organizations can acknowledge that business diversity of their stakeholders promoted by a “source to pay” technology approach.

S2P Benefits

Using a cloud platform for S2P has gone beyond the fad of being on the cutting edge of technology. Today the cloud provides the framework for improved flexibility and design that promote new efficiencies, reduced risk and heightened collaboration within an enterprise.

Determine Cloud Platform

Determine provides organizations the means to deploy an integrated suite of solutions that accommodates your specific workflows and wider processes. Using the Determine Cloud Platform organizations are removing the barriers to managing their entire source to pay continuum.