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Your Roadmap to Enterprise Imaging and How it Leads to Improved Clinical Outcomes



Key decision-makers are exploring the benefits achievable from Enterprise Imaging solutions with the objective of enhancing the efficiency and revenue of their imaging specialties with effective and more robust diagnostic workflow. Unified image management also leads to an improved patient experience eliminating delays in locating prior studies as well as accelerating care. A wealth of information, including the Gartner Market Guide for Vendor-Neutral Archives, has been assembled in this featured eBook to kick-start your information expedition.

Market Guide for Vendor-Neutral Archives

  • Barry Runyon
  • 8 November 2018

The vendor-neutral archive is a standards-based, interoperable, patient-centric medical image management platform. Healthcare provider CIOs should use this guide to understand the VNA value proposition, market direction and notable vendors.

Key Findings

  • The vendor-neutral archive (VNA) originated as a technology response to the prodigious storage requirements of picture archiving and communication systems (PACS), and the onerous cost and complexity of PACS-to-PACS migrations.
  • The VNA value proposition has evolved to include standards-based image access and sharing, electronic health record (EHR) and workflow integration, universal image viewing, and enterprise work list capabilities.
  • The VNA has been promoted for its standards-based interoperability and its support for non-Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) data, mobile applications, analytics and artificial intelligence (AI).
  • The VNA will enable the healthcare provider to manage all unstructured data resulting from patient event and care activity and make it available to all systems and stakeholders.


Healthcare provider CIOs leveraging EHRs, telemedicine and digital care delivery IT should:

  • Select a VNA that is agnostic to your existing PACS and storage infrastructure. [...]

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Technology is Swiftly Changing Across the Globe

As seen in other business environments, healthcare providers are persistently upgrading their practices to remain sustainable and profitable in the long run. Global healthcare digitization efforts are driving providers to opt for digital workplaces that rely on intelligent healthcare systems and automation tools to overcome inefficiencies in care delivery. Indeed, it comes as no surprise that digital consolidation of clinical contents is becoming a top priority, and medical imaging ‘ologies are no exception in this evolving market dynamics. Any health system paying attention to the field of medical imaging is certain to have noticed a growing trend of hospitals implementing unified vendor neutral archives (VNA) and enterprise imaging solutions.

Every day, a provider somewhere investigates the potential investment and ensuing benefits achievable from enterprise imaging solutions with an objective to enhance their imaging specialties with effective and more robust diagnostic workflow. These explorative inquiries are likely to define enterprise imaging and unified VNA strategies for healthcare organizations.

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