Issue 1

Making Customer Data Come Alive

IntelliFlash highly rated for databases and virtual infrastructure


I’d like to welcome you to our ongoing conversation on how Western Digital can make your data come alive. That’s right, we want to help you unleash your full business potential by leveraging the latent value of one of your most powerful assets, your data. Times have never been more competitive, yet the ability to set your business apart from the competition has never been greater.

You’re probably familiar with massive data growth and the resulting info glut. However, as you have probably come to realize, simply storing all this data will not be enough. Your market leadership will be determined in large part by how effectively your firm can manage and leverage all data to unlock customer insight and identify new market opportunities before the competition. With data at your fingertips, you can proactively meet your customers’ present and future needs, identify new opportunities more quickly, operate more efficiently, and create closer ties with business partners. What could you do with business analytics in seconds? You could uncover every opportunity and leave no money on the table. Read more [...]

Best Regards,
Phill Bullinger, senior vice president and general manager of Data Center Systems, Western Digital

Customer Success Stories

Bank of Stockton
The bank with its 16 branches embraced virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) to reduce support costs and problem resolution times related to managing, troubleshooting, and repairing distributed desktop computers. Soon after the VDI rollout users began experiencing critical service slowdowns during peak customer service times. In a customer facing and uniquely personal business such banking, rapid response and attentiveness are key factors for customer satisfaction and long-term business success. With the existing storage solution identified as the bottleneck, the bank migrated to an IntelliFlash hybrid flash array that delivers more than six times the performance. Now Bank of Stockton enjoys the cost savings, operational efficiencies, and improved employee productivity afforded by VDI with IntelliFlash enterprise-class storage. [...]

Merwin/CVS Pharmacy
CVS Pharmacy is one of the leading retail pharmacies with nearly 9,800 locations in the USA. Rapid business growth challenged the company’s existing data solution, which in turn impacted one of its key differentiators, its Automated Remote Dispensing Unit technology for locations without an on-site pharmacist. The highly distributed nature of its infrastructure demands high performance at low latency to achieve sustainable success. IntelliFlash’s increased storage efficiency and scalability combined with simplicity and ease of management led Merwin/CVS to transition to IntelliFlash All-Flash and hybrid flash arrays to keep up with the company’s growth without compromising on features and performance. [...]

InfoTrax Systems
InfoTrax Systems is a Software as a Service (SaaS) provider of back-end operations systems and tools for the Direct Selling industry. The company began struggling to keep up with demand and was experiencing multiple service outages when its systems were hosted by a managed-services provider. InfoTrax’s management team recognized the need for a new infrastructure that could deliver predictable performance while enabling greater operational transparency and control. The servers came on premise and InfoTrax transitioned to IntelliFlash’s All-Flash and hybrid flash arrays to achieve the stability, ease-of-use, scalability, and operational transparency required to support its growing business. [...]



Valdis Filks, John Monroe, Joseph Unsworth, Santhosh Rao

06 August 2018

Solid-state arrays have become faster, smaller and more reliable, and they're a safe business decision, due to guarantees that can't be obtained in other areas of infrastructure. Here, Gartner analyzes 18 SSA product families across high-impact use cases for infrastructure and operations leaders.

Key Findings

  • Solid-state arrays are highly secure and are insulated from Spectre and Meltdown security exposures, because arrays do not allow application code or user code access to the storage software.
  • High-performance, nonvolatile memory express, Peripheral Component Interconnect Express solid-state drive use in solid-state arrays is increasing; however external NVMe over Fabric host connections are rarely used, and often only with proprietary NVMe-oF implementations. [...]