Special Reports on Emerging Trends, Topics and Innovations

These are high-impact topics relevant to a variety of business and IT roles and industries across the globe. Gartner provides the insight and guidance clients need to understand the risks and opportunities around these topics and to help them make smart decisions based on the priorities for their organization.

The Resilience Premium of Digital Business

Committing to resilience will equip your digital business with the mindset, resources and planning to recover from inevitable disruptions.

Realizing the Benefits of Superior Customer Experience: A Gartner Trend Insight Report

Those involved with CX initiatives are increasingly being asked to think with both their hearts and their heads. That's to be expected as the field comes of age.

IoT Implementation and Management - from the Edge to the Cloud

A coherent IoT strategy is key to the success of an organization’s digital business transformation. Successful implementation and management of that strategy involves both new technical and organizational know-how.

Willful Disruption — Scaling, Operating and Changing the Digital Game

Creating a willful intent strategy for digital disruption is a critical component for IT and TSP business leaders. Such a strategy helps them to prepare for challenges they may face but also to capitalize on innovations and cultural imperatives needed to scale and transform.

The Future of Work and Talent: Culture, Diversity, Technology

The future of work is about forging a new relationship between technology and talent that transforms existing ways of working and doing business. The technology we invent and use shapes us in many ways — in our relationships, businesses and communities, in how we work and how we organize work. This has always been the case. Prehistoric agriculture technology caused repetitive motion disorders, as do modern digital devices. Today, younger generations prefer texting to calling. We're still sorting out the human and productivity implications of remote work technologies. Disruptive new technologies continue to emerge, compelling employees to adapt and respond ever faster. Large-scale, long-term changes in technology, diversity and culture are transforming more than just jobs. They are transforming the meaning and value of work and the reasons we work.

Blockchain-Based Transformation

Blockchain has captured the interest of leaders across the spectrum as a technology that can radically transform business and society. But for most, the technology remains an enigma, and it is hard to find real enterprise projects where this promise has turned into reality. The technology is intriguing, but it is not obvious how and where it will offer better value than current enterprise technologies. This Special Report highlights the scope of this transformation, how it impacts various industries, and the current state and evolution of these technologies.

Creating Digital Value at Scale

Enterprises must now scale up successful digital business initiatives to improve financial performance, and CIOs and IT leaders will have an opportunity to lead. Gartner offers research on how to tackle the scaling challenge.

Fostering Data Literacy and Information as a Second Language

The emergence of data and analytics capabilities, including artificial intelligence, requires creators and consumers to “speak data” as a common language. Data and analytics leaders must champion workforce data literacy as an enabler of digital business, and treat information as a second language.

Craft Your Artificial Intelligence Strategy

As a CIO, you don't need to be a mathematics genius or have a PhD in software engineering to make sense of AI for your business. You don't have to make massive investments in infrastructure and personnel in order to start applying AI's potentially transformative technologies.

Implementing and Executing Your Internet of Things Strategy

Internet of Things is the foundation on which digital businesses are built. We examine three challenges that organizations must address early in their IoT transformation: developing stakeholder confidence, choosing the right technical strategy and executing that strategy.

Make Digital Business Transformation a Practical Reality

The executive ambition for growth from digital business is primed and it's time to execute. CIOs leading digital business transformations can use this research to partner with business peers to build the customer solutions and operational capabilities that make digital business a practical reality.

Maverick* Insights Drive Creative Destruction of Business as Usual

Digitalization's pace and scale subverts conventional business thinking with constant "creative destruction." Faced with such turmoil, IT and business leaders must think and act in unconventional ways for their organizations to thrive. Maverick research exposes unconventional thinking and advice.

Make CRM and Customer Experience a Technical Reality

Behind every successful customer experience lives a complex, highly integrated and tightly orchestrated ecosystem of events, content, technologies and skills that must come together to make the customer experience a reality.

Business Benefits of the Internet of Things: A Gartner Trend Insight Report

IoT rollouts continue to move from trials to full deployments. IoT is providing business benefits, such as operational efficiency and workforce productivity. IoT solutions must demonstrate measurable benefits and business value for success. Opportunities and Challenges.

Scaling Bimodal — Fusing IT With the Business

To scale bimodal, CIOs and their teams, in partnership with the business, must create new approaches and capabilities that will involve and touch the whole organization — with business and IT governance front and center.

Capitalizing on Your Business Ecosystems

Innovations in technology have driven ever-increasing interconnection at every level of business. Now, the vast majority of organizations exist in multiple overlapping and interconnected business ecosystems.

IoT Technology Disruptions

IoT's rapidly evolving technologies have ushered in innovative disruptions at a breakneck pace. This report highlights Gartner research that covers these IoT technical disruptions in five key areas: security, artificial intelligence, data and analytics, communications, and endpoint technology.

Digital Trust: Redefining Trust for the Digital Era

Trust is essential for a CIO to understand and prioritize, and digital trust has emerged to address the radically changed requirements of agency, scope and spontaneity needed in a volatile digital business world.

Leadership in the Digital Age

The digital age poses new challenges and opportunities to CIOs and IT leaders. Both the rapid changes in technology and the unprecedented volume of disruption exacerbate the need for excellent leadership. This special report presents Gartner's insights and advice on becoming a digital-era leader.

Digital Disruption and the New Disruptors: Recognize, Prioritize and Respond

A stream of innovation in technology and digital business models continues to disrupt markets and challenge established incumbents. As digital business continues to grow, CIOs will need to increase their ability to recognize, prioritize and respond to digital disruption.

Internet of Things — IoT's Challenges and Opportunities in 2017

IoT is the technology foundation of digital business. Although it presents myriad opportunities for leading organizations to address their business issues, key technical and business challenges must be overcome in order for IoT to fulfill its promise.

Supporting Cost Optimization in the Business – A Gartner Trend Insight Report

The greatest opportunities to "optimize" a business are outside the information technology function. CIOs can support cost optimization beyond IT, and drive improved business performance.

Cybersecurity: A Foundation for Digital Business

Cybersecurity is a critical part of digital business with its broader external ecosystem and new challenges in an open digital world. The scope of cybersecurity is expanding and becoming digital security. Gartner’s latest research explores what Security Leaders and CIOs alike need to know about the new reality.

Adapting Your IT Strategy for a Cloud-Dominated Business Application Environment

The advent of cloud computing created a new way of deploying and using the major business applications that are vital to organizations. But this seemingly simple new model raises a host of complex questions. Gartner's Special Report highlights new and recent research to guide CIOs and IT leaders in adapting their IT strategy to this business reality.

Targeting New Buyers of IT

Non–IT business people have become empowered to make IT purchasing decisions more than ever before. These new buyers of IT add massive complexity to how enterprises buy technology — and therefore, they add massive complexity to how technology and services providers go to market. Our collection of research provides business leaders in technology and service providers with the insight required to adapt strategies to this new buying reality.

Delivering Business Value With a Digital Workplace

New technologies will undoubtedly help organizations become more innovative, respond more quickly to accelerating business cycles, become more customer centric and more collaborative. And of course new technologies are an inherent part of the transition to digital business. The digital workplace is a business strategy to promote employee agility and engagement through a more consumerized work environment. Done well, the digital workplace becomes the mechanism to enable organizations to successfully introduce and exploit new and emerging technology.

Customer Experience Emerges as the New Competitive Battlefield

Greater competition and growing consumer power have eroded traditional product- and service-based differentiation, forcing firms to seek new, more durable forms of competitive advantage. Many business and IT leaders see the customer experience as a sustainable source of competitive differentiation.

Special Reports Helping Clients Make Strategic Technology Decisions

Our clients make important multi-year technology investments in the face of uncertainty and risk. These Special Reports provide insights designed to keep clients at the forefront of strategy and technology to help make investment decision as well as anticipate important shifts around the trends driving the industry forward.

Predicts 2018: Stimulate Creativity to Generate Success

Future predictions support the goals of capturing value from new opportunities and overcoming threats. CIOs and technology business unit leaders must follow future trends but actively stimulate efforts to innovate and disrupt.

Top Strategic Predictions for 2018 and Beyond

Technology-based innovation arrives faster than most organizations can keep up with. Before one innovation is implemented, two others arrive. To cope, CIOs in end-user organizations must learn to develop an appropriate pace for digital change.

2017 Hype Cycles Highlight Enterprise and Ecosystem Digital Disruptions

Leading CIOs are engaged across and outside their enterprises to create new business opportunities and improve operational effectiveness. Gartner's 2017 Hype Cycle special report focuses on the biggest trends influencing technology-enabled businesses.

Cool Vendors 2017 - Stand Up to Be Noticed, Stand Out to Lead

For a smaller vendor, getting noticed is necessary to grow into relevance. Standing out with a new capability or disrupting your way into the spotlight is important. Gartner's Cool Vendor Report for 2017 features providers that are exploiting digitization, IoT and other areas to build the next generation of innovation.

Gartner Worldwide IT Spending Forecast

The Gartner Worldwide IT Spending Forecast is the leading indicator of major technology trends across the devices, IT services, data center systems, enterprise software and telecom services markets, and across geographies. IT and business executives are using these highly anticipated quarterly reports as they refine their strategy and road map to prioritize investments and identify opportunities within the IT market, and to base their critical business decisions on proven methodologies.

Role-Specific Special Reports

We also cover trending topics that have high impact to clients in specific technology areas.

How to Lead Supply Chain in the Big Shift to Sustainable Business

Business growth remains the number one objective of CEOs, but leaders must reconcile this ambition with the limits imposed by the world’s finite supply of natural resources. Supply chain’s expertise can help companies achieve growth, profitability and social purpose in a resource-constrained world. This Gartner Special Report will help Chief Supply Chain Officers set strategies for leading the end-to-end value network in a transition to sustainable business.

Gartner for Technical Professionals: 2018 Planning Guide Overview
We live in an era of exponential change, driven not only by advances in specific technologies, such as AI and marketing analytics, but also by the way those technologies are combined (for example, marketing analytics powered by AI). Today, keeping up with the trends in your core discipline is not enough — you must also understand what is happening in adjacent disciplines.

Internet of Things — IoT's Challenges and Opportunities in 2017

IoT is the technology foundation of digital business. Although it presents myriad opportunities for leading organizations to address their business issues, key technical and business challenges must be overcome in order for IoT to fulfill its promise.

The Future of IT Sales: Understanding Buyer Readiness

Aligning sales processes with actual buyer readiness is an entirely new way to think about improving sales effectiveness and performance. Sales enablement leaders must work to eliminate the misalignment between what customers want and what sales does to create a more engaging buyer experience.

Deconstructing Supply Chain Analytics

Supply chain analytics are essential to creating a profitable response to market demand. This research will provide supply chain strategists with answers to three critical questions: What are supply chain analytics, how should they be adopted and why adopt them?