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Compare competitive server performances with confidence

Conducting an accurate server performance comparison is an uphill battle. There are no mandatory performance reporting standards for manufacturers, and the benchmarks created by individual vendors and third parties don't sufficiently fill the information void. What's more, desired data for a specific product is often incomplete, unavailable or supplied only by a source with a possible conflict of interest, such as the vendor itself.

Comprehensive coverage: Launch comparisons in a single click

The Gartner Relative Performance Estimate (RPE2) is a ranking methodology that consolidates benchmark data from a broad spectrum of sources to generate a reliable, comprehensive picture of performance for server models and configurations. Whether you're working on a server consolidation project or assessing future purchases, RPE2 will help you:

  • Gauge the costs and benefits of vendors' server solutions
  • Compare performance, power, and cost for different configurations of a server model
  • Analyze and benchmark server consolidation and technology refresh scenarios
  • Enable more accurate capacity planning and validation
  • Quantify chargeback valuations — convert metered computing resources on various platforms into a harmonized charge-out algorithm
  • Fill in the gaps left by other benchmark analyses — no more guessing

Unrivaled information repository

The RPE2 product information library contains an unmatched data collection of all major current solutions and obsolete products dating back more than 20 years — 24,000-plus configurations in all:

  • Coverage of all x86, IA-64 and RISC server variants from the leading global manufacturers
  • Coverage of current and obsolete server models
  • Composite workload profile

Independent, transparent, trustworthy analysis

Unlike other performance-ranking assessments, RPE2 was developed and is maintained by an independent, vendor-neutral research and advisory company. It is the only composite benchmark that offers full documentation on its data sources, providing complete transparency to give you peace of mind.

RPE2 data is utilized by the Gartner Technology Planner for Technical Professionals and the IDEAS Competitive Profiles information services. These services offer comprehensive coverage of the comparative features, pricing and performance characteristics of a wide range of enterprise servers sold across major global markets. RPE2 data enables them to identify which servers will likely compete with one another, based on their performance profiles. Your organization can use this same capability to quickly develop a shortlist of server options.

When used in conjunction with other Gartner services, RPE2 effectively supplements industry benchmark information and serves as a productivity aid to make rapid assessments.

Learn more about the server architecture coverage and industry benchmarks used in the Gartner RPE2 methodology

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