Our renegotiation of vendor agreements yielded savings to the state worth $28.6 million over the term of a five-year agreement, as well as other valuable terms that greatly enhanced the contract we already had in place.
Tanya Osensky
Deputy General Counsel, Georgia Technology Authority (U.S.)

Contract Review

Contracts and proposals grow more complex every year. Vendors introduce new pricing, licensing models, maintenance options and audit clauses every day. It is nearly impossible to keep up — unless one has day-to-day market visibility. Gartner has that market visibility.

Our analysts review thousands of hardware, software, services and telecom contracts and proposals each year. We find hard-dollar savings in 75% of the contracts we review and many reviews lead to multi-million dollar savings. You have access to this incredibly valuable service.

Important Questions

  • Is your proposal priced competitively? Does it contain any hidden costs?
  • Are there opportunities to improve your business terms? Are there clauses in your contact that add risk?
  • What's the best way to negotiate a better deal? Which strategies achieve real cost savings?

Three Indispensable Services

  1. Pricing Proposal and Comparative Analysis. Identify obscure fees and pay only what you need.
  2. Business Terms and Conditions Review. Find clauses that can lead to unexpected charges, limit your usage rights or add risk.
  3. Negotiation Strategy. Gain effective negotiating strategies to achieve important concessions and real cost savings.

Maximize Your Contract Review

  • Plan ahead — the more lead time we have, the more we can help. The best results come when we have 90 days.
  • Focus the conversation — determine what you'd like us to examine most closely and what you are concerned about in the negotiation process.

Contract Review Guidelines

  • Contract reviews are available to Advisor-level clients of Gartner for IT Executives, Gartner for IT Leaders, Gartner Industry Advisory Services, and Gartner Core Research and Gartner Core Connect.
  • Reviews are limited to documents (or excerpts) of 20 pages or less.
  • Analysts present findings in a 30-minute inquiry call scheduled around their availability. We do not offer a written analysis or "mark up" contract documents.
  • This is not a legal service; always work with your enterprise legal team before crafting contractual language.
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