Make CRM and Customer Experience a Technical Reality

Behind every successful customer experience lives a complex, highly integrated and tightly orchestrated ecosystem of events, content, technologies and skills that must come together to make the customer experience a reality. The CRM segment today comprises dozens of functional areas, spanning sales, commerce, marketing and customer service, and it provides highly specialized functionality, data analysis and insight.

CRM technology is fundamental to the customer experience. That customer experience drives revenue, which in turn drives more investment in optimizing and monetizing that customer experience.

Key Technology Priorities and Challenges Surrounding CRM

This Special Report highlights the following areas:

  • CRM fundamentals — what technical professionals need to know
  • Making digital commerce a secure, scalable and engaging reality
  • Implementing marketing analytics that enable a superior customer experience
  • Extending and securing Salesforce's cloud offerings
  • Using an API-centric approach to CRM application implementation