Leadership in the Digital Age

Digital business changes everything. Organizational structures become fluid and permeable; teams form and disband quickly and continuously; value chains become value networks; customers become partners, competitors, critics, and suppliers; business systems become digital platforms supporting larger ecosystems. And in the midst of all this change, the CIO is expected to lead their business forward and help it thrive by:

  • Spotting the potential of new combinations of new technologies (some already fully available, others barely more than a tantalizing promise — but approaching rapidly)
  • Finding ways of turning that potential into business opportunities
  • And most important of all, taking people along with them, crafting that new culture and successfully executing on those opportunities

With so much changing, the role of the CIO must change as well, in many ways and in many different directions at once. This requires determination, commitment, courage and a growth mindset: a learning approach to the role and openness to uncertainties. For those daring, open-minded CIOs, this special report is a source of inspiration, ideas, and observations to help them hone their capabilities and improve their leadership position in the digital era.