Gartner for Technology Investors

Providing insight into the strategies and behaviors of technology end users and providers to support the activities of investors interested in technology.

Investors Need to Know More

There is an abundance of information about technology, but a shortage of analysis that can drive superior investment decisions. Gartner extracts the most complete and comprehensive view of the industry through unparalleled access to both IT users and suppliers. We talk to thousands of end-user IT executives every day, gaining insight into how CIOs in both the public and private sectors are managing technology. We provide objective interpretations of the information you need to make profitable investment decisions.

Gartner for Technology Investors is designed for:
  • Corporate Finance Professionals — Investment bankers and private equity professionals
  • Buy-Side Professionals — Money managers, mutual fund managers, hedge fund managers, portfolio managers
  • Venture Capitalists — Managing partners, practice managers, business analysts
  • Sell-side Professionals — Equity research analysts
Gartner for Technology Investors Helps Investment Professionals:
  • Discern actionable research from information. With Gartner, you'll be able to turn information into the knowledge and insight necessary for making superior decisions.
  • Dig deeper into supply and demand. We'll provide insight into the buying intentions of key adopters in major segments, the initiatives the major vendors have truly funded, and how well the players are delivering.
  • Understand who's positioned to win. We'll provide you with objective, candid insight on the relative positioning of the players competing in major markets — which vendors are likely to succeed, and which ones are not.
  • Drill through the hype. We'll provide the insight you need about emerging technologies — their viability and likely rate of adoption — so you can better understand the likelihood of a business opportunity's real return.
Make Objective and More Informed Decisions with Gartner

We enjoy a unique and privileged position between technology vendors and users. No one has the kind of perspective on IT markets that we do.

  • Our conflict-free, independent insight adds confidence and ensures objectivity
  • Our research is driven by the agendas, priorities and experiences of those who buy
  • Our breadth and depth of coverage is unrivaled
  • Our proprietary tools and methodologies add insight to your opinions and points of view:
    • Gartner Magic Quadrants show you how visionaries, leaders, challengers and niche players are positioned to compete, lead or fall behind.
    • Gartner Hype Cycles measure and plot the maturity of a technology and its readiness to deliver real return.
    • Gartner Vendor Ratings provide crisp insight into the progress and status of a company's strategy, financials and product and marketing plans.
    • Gartner MarketScopes distinguishing the differences in strategy and positioning among vendors in both mature and emerging markets.

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