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IDEAS Competitive Profiles and IDEAS ServerCAR helps IT sales and marketing professionals make faster, smarter decisions about how to position the server and storage products they propose and deliver to clients. By combining our comprehensive, independent product and service data with our powerful analytical tools, you can quickly create detailed, customized competitive comparisons anytime from anywhere.

Technology & Service Provider Sales, Pricing and Technical teams face many pressing challenges that are hard to address without help. We provide essential decision support with web-based tools that:We help sales and marketing professionals:

  • Quantify the benefits of proposed server and storage offerings
  • Enable shorter sales cycles and improve win rates
  • Identify competitive strengths
  • Inform with respect to new pricing and product developments
  • Result in more-informed product/service development decisions

The need for comparative, competitive data spans:

  • Product/service planning, engineering, management and pricing teams
  • Competitive intelligence professionals
  • Sales and account executives
  • Consultants, system integrators and OEM service providers

Why IDEAS Web based Tools?

  • Our proprietary database is updated daily and includes extensive historical data on comparative performance, pricing and product/service features.
  • Our feature-rich, interactive Web-based tools make it easy to conduct detailed, customized competitive analyses, exploring more options in less time with a higher degree of accuracy.
  • Our unique RPE2 server performance estimate methodology is designed to enable objective, head-to-head comparisons across vendors' products and configurations.

Our research coverage includes:


  • Unix servers
  • Industry-standard servers
  • Highly scalable servers
  • Blade systems
  • System software (operating systems, virtualization and system management tools)


  • DAS, NAS and SAN
  • Unified storage
  • SAN connectivity devices
  • Tape libraries, drives and autoloaders
  • Storage software


  • Hardware maintenance
  • Software support
  • Mission-critical support services
  • Installation and configuration services

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