Industry Advisory Services

Make the right decisions every day through access to research and advice shaped by our analysts' knowledge of your industry.

With Gartner Industry Advisory Services you have access to analysts with experience in your industry. They understand the environment you work in. Gartner will help you stay ahead of your competitors by enhancing your understanding of what others are doing and why. Leverage our analysts for best practices, vendor selection, trends and validation. You will have the insight and credibility to confidently recommend technology solutions that make sense for your business at any stage of maturity.

Industry Research

Gartner Industry Advisory Services provides analysis, research and advice on major issues within six industry verticals:

Hype Cycles

The wave of the future — or just hype? Gartner Hype Cycles show the difference. Use our Hype Cycles to get educated about the promise of an emerging technology within the context of your industry.

Contract Review

Contracts and proposals are more complex than ever. Vendors introduce new pricing, licensing models, maintenance options and audit clauses every day. It is nearly impossible to keep up — unless you have day-to-day visibility into the market. Gartner does.

Industry Agendas

Research agendas are a custom mix of content designed to cover a particular research area.

  • Prioritized research topics - the most important issues
  • Evaluation of key industry topics, surveys with clients and industry leaders to determine depth and frequency of analyst coverage.

Gartner Industry Advisory Services agendas are updated twice a year.

Magic Quadrants

Magic Quadrants and MarketScopes offer visual snapshots of a market's direction, maturity and participants. Which Vendors are leaders, visionaries, challengers or niche players?

Industry Analysts

Gartner Industry Advisory Services offer a variety of opportunities to engage and interact, including:

  • Direct contact with analysts and support specialists
  • Proactive industry analyst relationships
  • Quarterly check-in on priorities, progress and results

Vendor Ratings

Gartner Vendor Ratings assess all the different aspects of a technology provider, such as its strategy, organization, products, technology, marketing, financials and support. Use Vendor Ratings to assess the technology providers in your industry.

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