Implementing and Executing Your Internet of Things Strategy

The rise of the IoT places IT in a difficult position. Business units and stakeholders demand IoT solutions, often before understanding the mechanics of IoT value creation. IT is then asked to present both a cogent and an insightful pathway that drives business value, fosters innovation and incurs a low execution risk.

Unlike other new technologies, the adoption of IoT modifies and enhances existing services and products, which are already essential to the organization and its customers.

Previous Gartner research collections have shown how business IoT plans are moving through the early phases of design to reality. However, complexity and lack of organizational experience are making the path to innovation a long one.

In this collection, we feature research that proactively addresses those complexities, to help you accelerate IoT implementation. This set of research focuses on three key themes underlying successful IoT transformation - establish leadership, design for success and execute effectively.