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IT Professionals are under increasing pressure to make quantifiable business contributions. To be successful, you need advice with context, tailored to your role. Gartner for IT Leaders helps you succeed by providing you with daily access to information and tools that are relevant, insightful and tailored to your role.

Our insights are backed by proven methodologies, the expertise of the largest and most experienced analyst community in the industry, and our daily interactions with thousands of IT users. With Gartner for IT Leaders, you'll have the insight, tools and case studies to support your recommendations, advice and action plans.

Research by Role

Gartner for IT Leaders offers 24/7 portal access to content that's designed for your role and initiatives:

Analyst Insight

Gartner analysts, dedicated to research areas relevant to your role, educate you on current topics and trends. Through the Analyst Picks feature, you'll get a snapshot of one new issue each week, with research documents to provide context.

Key Initiatives

Key Initiatives identify the most common large-scale, strategic efforts typical for peers in your role. Then you can find the pertinent questions, related research and time-saving toolkits to help you find exactly what you need to make your initiatives successful.

Peer Connect

Gartner Peer Connect is a dynamic online community of Gartner clients connecting, collaborating and getting the real-world answers they need fast — from a trusted network of peers. Join the conversation and get decision support on your initiatives, your vendors and more.

  • Find peers for private one-to-one discussions
  • Ask and answer questions in the forums
  • Participate in Expert Events with our leading analysts
  • Use the Meetup Board to arrange get-togethers locally, at an event or while travelling

Exclusively for end-user IT professionals through these Gartner offerings:

Contract Review

Contracts and proposals are more complex than ever. Vendors introduce new pricing, licensing models, maintenance options and audit clauses every day. It is nearly impossible to keep up — unless you have day-to-day visibility into the market. Gartner does.

Resources & Tools

Gartner Business Wizard

Gartner Business Wizard gives you just-in-time insight on your critical initiatives and IT purchases. Get personalized recommendations delivered to your inbox and online, identifying research, tools, analysts and peers — all on your timelines.


Toolkits save you time, help you make better decisions, and improve your execution through a set of tactical resources and frameworks to build from.


Weekly live sessions with Gartner Analyst Webinars focused on key issues, with an emphasis on cost-related topics.

IT Key Metrics Data

Detailed spending and staffing metrics and insight into the performance of IT functions.

Activity Cycles

Activity Cycles align relevant research and tools to phases and actions common to each role.

Market News

Market News keeps you up-to-date on the latest events in the media that relate to your role.

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