Maverick* Insights Drive Creative Destruction of Business as Usual

A Gartner Trend Insight Report

Digitalization's effects bring confusion, turmoil and even upheaval to society, technology, business and life. Our Maverick research for 2017 examines how digitalization increasingly affects not simply business itself but business in its multifarious relationships with the surrounding society, which itself is changing because of digitalization. In such a complex, changing environment, conventional thinking and acting will cripple your and your organization's ability to respond, survive and thrive. These reports will help you be forward-looking and forward-thinking, and offer new perspectives for you to leverage the trends and insights affecting your IT strategy and your organization.

This year’s research falls into four broad categories:

  • Digital Society Repercussions
  • Hidden Technology Implications
  • Incoming Business Turbulence
  • The Erosion of Trust

By its nature, Maverick work may not agree with Gartner's official positions. We intentionally don't subject it to the full consensus-based approval process that we apply to mainstream Gartner research.