In the vast universe of Gartner Research, getting our clients to the answer they’re looking for in the shortest possible time is a top priority. Our tool is a unique classification system, or taxonomy, known as the Knowledge Map (KMap). Used to index all Gartner research online, the KMap is a structured, relational system that gets clients to the content they’re looking for as quickly, accurately and intuitively as possible.

KMap provides a structured and relational format for indexing all research content that appears on Eleven major subject areas utilize 900 search terms (nodes) that describe 50,000 documents to guide clients to the best match possible to the content present in a given document. Plentiful cross-references and thesaurus terms are used to aid in browsing. Metadata “nodes,” or hot links, are embedded within documents to provide speedy access to related topics. All documents that flow through are assigned one or more KMap nodes. Importantly, advanced search on cross-references all our research by industry, geography, role (job), topic and company size.