Gartner Research Process

It's no longer about how much information you have – it's about having the right insight.

That's why Gartner invests in research processes and proprietary methodologies to cut through information overload, decipher multiple viewpoints and develop insights that allow you to perceive your business landscape more clearly. You get the information you need, in the context necessary to make both large-scale and everyday decisions with confidence.

With an unparalleled number of analysts worldwide, we are able to study every aspect of technology, from silicon to services to management. Our size and scope combined with our rigorous research processes make us the global leader in technology-related research and advice. No other research or consulting firm can offer insight that is as accurate, impartial, objective and consistent.

Unmatched Reach and Resources
At Gartner, our size and scale allow us to commit vast resources towards broader and deeper analyst coverage and proven methodologies.

Research Process Map
Gartner's five step research process is geared largely to discovering how current trends are likely to become future events, and what effect those events are likely to have on client technology investments and their businesses.

Research Architecture
Gartner's research architecture consists of methods to frame and simplify new information so that we can challenge conventional wisdom, make connections, understand patterns and discover trends no other research firm can envision.

Gartner Research Organization
Our research organization consists of a flexible, virtual structure of global teams, allowing us to advise clients based on their own immediate environment, as well as conditions around the world.

Our proprietary Knowledge Map (KMap) is a world-class IT taxonomy that includes 900 technology and business topics, illustrating the breadth and depth of our coverage.