The Nexus of Forces: Social, Mobile, Cloud and Information

The Nexus of Forces — the convergeance of mobile, social, cloud and information — has become the platform for digital business. Digital business is the creation of new business designs by blurring the digital and physical worlds. This update to the Nexus of Forces Special Report explores some of the patterns and approaches that define that platform.

Senior VP of Research Peter Sondergaard talks about Nexus, Digital Business and Internet of Things.

The Nexus of Forces Research

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Digital Business Technologies Are Changing the Nature of Change

6 August 2014

Digital business technologies are disrupting business operations in ways that have not previously been seen. IT leaders should act as change agents by adapting their thinking, their methods and their technologies to support fluidic change and by becoming proponents of digital technology.

Which New and Old Applications Will Enable Digital Business?

25 August 2014

The demands of digital business will forever change the composition of an organization's application portfolio. Application rationalization, APIs, bimodal IT and changing consumers, both human and electronic, will significantly drive the application portfolio of the future.

Top Insights From Gartner Research: The Impact of Digital Business on the CIO Workforce and Organization

15 August 2014

This document highlights Gartner's recent research that will help CIOs build a digital edge by revamping leadership, role and talent profile development, and workforce behaviors. Without urgent attention, these issues could wreck your digital business growth plan.

The Gartner Scenario for Application Providers: From Buy to Make

29 August 2014

The Nexus of Forces and digital business give rise to entirely new possibilities and creative business endeavors that still need to be created. This has profound implications on mainstream business models for application providers. A new kind of "make" will replace the purchasing focus through 2020.

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