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Gartner offers several products and services through which our clients can take advantage of the insight gained through Gartner's rigorous research processes and proprietary methodologies.

CEB IT Leadership Councils are now part of the Gartner suite.

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Business Leaders & Executives

Gartner for Business Leaders

Take advantage of a series of role-based research offerings for business leaders in the technology and communications industry — including sales professionals, product and marketing management, competitive intelligence leaders and analyst relations professionals — to achieve a higher level of success.

Executive Programs
Now with CEB Insights

More than 4,000 CIOs and senior IT executives are members of Gartner Executive Programs, an exclusive organization combining the shared intelligence of the largest IT executive community in the world with customized access to Gartner insight and resources. Executive Programs help IT executives and their teams grow their enterprises, fuel competitive advantage and operate more efficiently.

IT Leaders

Gartner for IT Leaders
Now with CEB Insights

Gartner for IT Leaders is an indispensable strategic resource, delivering timely, reliable insight to guide your key decisions and get the most from your highest-priority initiatives. A service that more than pays for itself, it includes contract reviews that identify real savings, connections to peers who have walked in your shoes, and tools that save you time and money.

Gartner for Enterprise IT Leaders
Now with CEB Insights

Provides CIO direct reports with the combined value of role-specific insights from Gartner analysts, practical advice from an exclusive community of peers, and expert coaching from a leadership partner.

Marketing Leaders

Gartner for Marketing Leaders

Provides digital marketers with real-time, personalized guidance, from vision through execution. Gartner for Marketing Leaders delivers the research, data, tools and expert advice you need to drive results.

Gartner for Marketing Providers

Provides marketers in the high-tech sector with insight about what digital marketing buyers are thinking — and how Gartner is advising them. Through research and analyst inquiry, high-tech marketers can better understand where digital marketers are focused, learn about their organizations' perceived competitive strengths and weaknesses and improve their own digital marketing.

Supply Chain

Gartner for Supply Chain Leaders

Corporations must create demand-driven supply chains that embrace sustainability, or risk falling behind more innovative competitors. Gartner for Supply Chain Leaders delivers objective, actionable insight and best practices to help supply chain professionals build, manage and transform their global supply chains – maximizing productivity, minimizing risks and driving revenue and competitive advantage.

Gartner for Enterprise Supply Chain Leaders

Given increasing demands and shrinking timelines and resources, supply chain executives today need specialized insight to maximize returns and minimize risks. Gartner for Enterprise Supply Chain Leaders provides you with the valuable tools, in-depth insight and personal support you need to deliver cost-effective improvements and demonstrable business results.

CEB, now Gartner Offerings

Leading organizations worldwide rely on CEB services to harness their untapped potential and grow. Now offered by Gartner, CEB best practices and technology solutions equip clients with the intelligence to effectively manage talent, customers, and operations.

Solutions for Compliance & Legal
Solutions for Finance
Solutions for Financial Services
Solutions for Government
Solutions for HR
Solutions for Innovation & Strategy
Solutions for Procurement & Operations
Solutions for Risk & Audit
Solutions for Sales & Service

Additional Offerings

IDEAS Competitive Profiles

Comprehensive comparative analysis tools contain the features, pricing and performance characteristics of a wide range of server and storage products, enabling faster, smarter decisions around product and service positioning. Coverage areas include: servers, storage, and installation and support services from major vendors.

Gartner Invest

For technology investors, Gartner provides detailed research to support buy/sell recommendations, perform due diligence, evaluate risks and opportunity, and generate ideas.

Gartner Industry Advisory Services

For CIOs, CTOs, and other senior IT executives, Gartner provides research within the specific context of their industry. Gartner analysts write to a client-prioritized agenda with highly targeted advice aimed at generating new business value and new sources of competitive advantage.

Gartner Media Products

Leverage our authoritative, world-renowned brand in your marketing programs. Increase response rates, generate higher-quality leads, and strengthen your brand.

Gartner Technology Planner

Gartner Technology Planner is a constantly updated data service that helps technical professionals make smarter, faster decisions on IT equipment selection, using independent, objective data.

Gartner for Technical Professionals

Gartner for Technical Professionals provides in-depth, technical research for your project teams to help them deliver outstanding results on your IT strategy.

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