Program & Portfolio Management

Embrace digital age PPM opportunities, and thrive amid constant change.

As digitalization increases complexity and alters the definition of success, PPM professionals must evolve quickly in response.

Learn to tackle a cluttered and confusing PPM software market and develop metrics to demonstrate business value.

Insight for your role

How Gartner can help

Gartner research provides project and portfolio management leaders with actionable insights on the new technologies and practices they need to successfully change the way their organizations operate, such as:

  • Capabilities mapping
  • Digital change leadership
  • Improved storage
  • Adaptive procurement
  • IT costs vs. business value
  • Demonstrating the value of IT
  • Improvised partnering and sourcing
  • DevOps
  • Business value metrics
  • Evolution of the PMO and EPMO
  • Shifting trends in PPM
  • Vendor management

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