Sourcing & Vendor Relationships

Today’s sourcing ecosystem is complex. Get a roadmap to drive business value.

The rise of digital business has added a new layer to an already complicated vendor landscape. New technologies, delivery models and production practices such as bimodal IT and the Internet of Things create new sourcing challenges.

Learn how to bring cost-effective solutions to your enterprise while mitigating outsourcing and cloud risks

Insight for your role

How Gartner can help

Gartner research provides sourcing and vendor relationships leaders with actionable insights on new technologies and practices they need to change the way their organizations operate, such as:

  • Vendor management metrics
  • Contract negotiation
  • Vendor scorecards and dashboards
  • Performance metrics and incentives
  • Implementing vendor contingencies
  • Cost optimization
  • Reducing vendor lock-in
  • Sourcing and vendor governance
  • Vendor contingency and risk planning
  • Disruptive technologies
  • Cloud sourcing and security
  • Balancing trust and control

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