Gartner Strategic Advisory Services

Gartner Strategic Advisory Services (SAS) is the primary Gartner offering for direct, sustained engagement of Gartner analysts.

SAS provides clients the opportunity to directly leverage Gartner analyst expertise for strategic insight and tactical guidance that applies specifically to their needs and issues. From an internal technology procurement strategy session to a presentation to your most important clients, SAS lets you apply Gartner analyst thought leadership in the way you want.

SAS For Technology Users

SAS can effectively help technology users meet a variety of challenges:

  • Vendor and technology selection guidance
  • Assistance with composition of complex RFPs
  • Construction/maintenance of strategic technology road map
  • Presentations and meetings with non-IS executives for assistance in demonstration of value of IT deployments
  • Facilitation of IS management meetings/workshops

SAS For Technology Vendors

SAS can effectively help technology vendors meet a variety of challenges:

  • Assistance/guidance on go-to-market strategies for products and services
  • Market-space analysis for product development/management initiatives
  • Gartner analyst keynote speeches or presentations at your conferences and client-facing events
  • Sales force preparedness

Internal Use

Allow your company's employees to work directly with Gartner analysts on pressing IS or technology market issues, whether tactical or strategic.

External Use

Leverage a Gartner analyst for a presentation to your clients and prospects.

Remote Advisory

Work with an analyst over the phone.

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