The industry standard for end-to-end supply chain performance measurement.

Assess your supply chain health

Your metrics tell a story about the health of your supply chain. This information can uncover key business issues and gaps between supply chain performance and management expectations.

Compare your key metrics to peers

Gartner has translated this framework into a dynamic benchmark database that enables you to compare your organization against a peer group across 17 key supply chain performance metrics in seven core process areas.

Understand the interdependencies

Unlike other methodologies that compare metrics in isolation, the Gartner benchmarking methodology looks at the interdependencies between metrics to identify improvement opportunities and better business trade-offs.

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How it works

  • Familiarize yourself with Gartner research and benchmarking best practices
  • Complete and submit our supply chain benchmark questionnaire
  • Our analyst team prepares a summary of the benchmarking findings, which highlights the performance of your company compared to the other companies in the database in your industry sector

Best practices

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FREE Five Steps to Best Practices in Supply Chain Benchmarking: From Numbers to Action

Sample output – Manufacturing

The Gartner Hierarchy of Metrics for Manufacturers

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