Supply Chain Leaders Must Be Prepared to Transform in a Disruptive World

Disrupt or be disrupted

That is the reality facing businesses and their supply chain organizations in the digital era where business models change as quickly as new competitors or new market opportunities emerge.

Supply chain leaders need to think bigger and bolder now more than ever before. This bold thinking entails transforming supply chains to become better prepared for both the predictable and unexpected. They need the ability to anticipate and respond to future events with integrated plans capable of responding to disruptive business scenarios.

    In this report, we explore the following:
  • How can supply chain visibility help anticipate disruption?
  • How do bimodal supply chain capabilities enable organizations to keep pace?
  • How do leaders use innovation to support growth?
  • Why might supply chain planning (SCP) be the most important supply chain capability in a disruptive world?
  • How do you create a customer service mindset when customer requirements are in flux?
  • How can supplier management deliver value?