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A data-driven service designed for use by technical professionals at end-user clients, Gartner Technology Planner has a proven track record in saving our clients time and money. Gartner Technology Plannner enables technical professionals to make smarter, faster decisions on IT infrastructure. Gartner Technology Planner provides ongoing benefits for both targeted equipment updates and major refresh and technology update projects, using independent, objective data.

Gartner Technology Planner benefits are derived from detailed information and comparisons for servers, storage, networking and integrated systems utilizing Gartner's industry-leading database of continually updated product information (including extensive historical data). Coverage of data center IT equipment is augmented by coverage of public cloud service providers. Gartner Technology Planner also provides subscribers with access to RPE2, Gartner's server relative performance data.

Accelerate Your Infrastructure Analysis and Planning

  • Plan infrastructure choices and build compelling business cases for needed improvements
  • Optimize the budgets for equipment refresh
  • Plan workload migrations from legacy servers to new technology platforms
  • Easily evaluate replacement, upgrade and consolidation options
  • Reduce running costs and maximize the efficiency of the infrastructure
  • Establish pricing benchmarks and validate provider claims
  • Stay abreast of key product developments in servers, storage, networks and integrated systems
  • Evaluate public cloud services using a consistent, independent methodology, including Gartner's own performance and availability data

Make Faster, Smarter Decisions

Our interactive, Web-based tools make it easy for your team to create detailed, customized reports and support what-if scenario analysis.

Save Time, Save Money

Every Gartner Technology Planner client talks about the time they save by using this service. Subscribing technical professionals have stated that using Gartner Technology Planner gives them as much as 40% of their time back, time that can be utilized progressing more projects and focusing on key decisions rather than wasting time gathering the information they need.

Who benefits?

End-user roles that benefit most from Gartner Technology Planner are:

  • IT architects, solution architects and cloud architects
  • Capacity and performance planners
  • Server, storage and network specialists
  • Infrastructure and operations managers
  • Data center managers
  • Vendor managers
  • Procurement managers

Server Performance Estimates Powered by RPE2

RPE2 provides a consistent, normalized view of relative server performance enabling direct, head-to-head comparisons between servers by combining best-case performance data from multiple benchmark sources and server manufacturers. RPE2 data covers all processor configuration options for x86, IA-64 and RISC servers for major vendors from 1997 onward and is continually updated for new product and processor releases.

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