Gartner Keynote Speakers

Linda Cohen

Linda R. Cohen, VP Distinguished Analyst, Gartner

Realizing the Promise: Six steps to Better Outsourcing

Even with two decades of outsourcing experience, companies still struggle to make outsourcing work. In our work with client organizations large and small, across all industries, Gartner has identified six major problems that are prevalent in outsourcing.

Helen Huntley

Helen Huntley, Research VP, Gartner

Revolution Amidst Evolution: The Key Game Changers For IT Sourcing

The world of IT is changing, and CIOs and sourcing managers are facing unprecedented challenges, decisions and opportunities to adjust to these changes. This presentation will uncover the key game changers for IT and sourcing that leaders must understand for long-term success.

Gartner Analysts

Ackerman, David Edward
Cohen, Linda R.
Dreyfuss, Cassio
Huntley, Helen
Karamouzis, Frances
Maurer, William
Ridder, Frank
Young, Allie

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