Gartner Recognizes Supply Chain Innovation and Impact

Through the Supply Chainnovator awards program, Gartner recognizes supply chain innovation and impact delivered by supply chain organizations. These innovations must meet the threshold of impactful, sustainable, unconventional, collaborative and measurable,

and participants must be willing to share with the broader supply chain community lessons learned and how results were achieved. The goal is to recognize innovative approaches to supply chain excellence that result in a step change in business performance.


Industry Focus

Chainnovator submissions and awards are aligned to our Industry Exchanges at our annual Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference in Phoenix, Arizona. Therefore we are targeting companies in the Healthcare, Life Sciences, Retail, Consumer Products, Hi-Tech and Industrial Manufacturing industries for the 2018 Program. As our program expands in the future we may include additional industries.

Please click on the links below for our industry presentations which include a submissions template: