Innovate to Drive Growth

Drive Innovation in Your Business Model

  • Understand the changes driving the high-tech industry directly from knowledgeable analysts
  • Discover the most cost-effective route to market and build a sales and channel model that works for you
  • Gain insight into technology funding sources for your early-stage planning of new technology

Identify New High Growth Markets

  • Get the full story behind technology forecasts across and within hundreds of markets
  • Fully grasp buyer wants and needs in high-growth markets to determine where you'll have the most success
  • Measure your market penetration success with our market share analysis

Buy vs. Build and Mergers and Acquisitions Pursuits

  • Engage with analyst experts to validate your buy vs. build decisions
  • Gain analyst insights on screening criteria for both long and short lists of target companies
  • Make right choices from among target companies and leverage analyst feedback for integration success

Roles that Benefit Most

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief Strategy Officer
  • Director of Corporate Planning and Business Development
  • Business Unit Executives
  • Chief Marketing Officer

Example of How Gartner Enabled Client Success

Gartner provided unique insight by:

  • Providing analysis and information that helped to drive strategy
  • Helping to measure strategy – gain in context answers
  • Helping create business-development strategy & improving marketing execution
  • Helping to create valuable partner strategy