Build the Right Product and Service Strategies

Target the Right Customer Segments

  • Stay up to speed on the shifting roles of IT influencers and decision makers
  • Build strong relationships with tech-savvy business professionals while keeping IT relationships strong

Enable Stronger Products/service Competitive Differentiation

  • Win in the market by properly differentiating your products and services against competition
  • Build architecturally accurate product roadmaps to promote customer adoption
  • Develop messaging and positioning that resonates with buyers at first contact

Optimize the Timing of Launch

  • Properly time the launch of your product or service
  • Ensure that your offering provides value to your customers
  • Maximize revenue with insights into competitive offerings and timing
  • Introduce new technology solutions at the right time to maximize adoption by your target customers

Roles that Benefit Most

  • Product Executives
  • Product Managers
  • Product Solution Developers
  • Product Solution Marketing Director/Manager
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Chief Innovation Officer

Example of How Gartner Enabled Client Success

Gartner provided unique insight by:

  • Regular time spent with the Analysts gave them needed insight into the marketplace
  • Helping to gain insight into market needs & perceptions, resulting in a honed, effective message
  • Helping the leadership team to agree on a global strategy aligned to customer priorities
  • Providing great insight into what customers are asking for via the questions the analysts ask in inquiries