Win More Business

Strengthen Your Field Marketing Efforts

  • Develop and execute an effective field marketing strategy with insights into customer preferences within your local or global market
  • Increase sales effectiveness with custom proposals based on Gartner analyst insights
  • Build high-impact sales training materials with insight into customers' decision-making process

Drive Increased Sales Effectiveness

  • Improve your knowledge of buyers and bolster your defense against competitive attacks
  • Educate your sales team with Gartner insights into your company's competitive positioning
  • Discover how and where to scale your sales new hire strategy to achieve faster time to revenue and increase sales productivity

Strengthen Deal Pursuits

  • Score bigger wins with coaching on customer segments by vertical, geography and buying center
  • Educate your sellers to handle objections and obstacles by hearing suggested strategies from analysts who know your customers, competitors, markets and technologies

Roles that Benefit Most

  • Chief Sales Officer
  • Field Marketing Leaders
  • Channel Sales Leaders
  • Regional/Geographical Sales Leaders
  • Strategic Account Sales Leaders
  • Product Sales Specialists

Example of How Gartner Enabled Client Success

Gartner provided unique insight by:

  • Informing Long View about changing customer needs to better align with the market
  • Helping to change messaging due to the new dynamics in IT Landscape as a result of cloud migration
  • Reviewing appropriate tenders, particularly technical responses, to ensure they adequately address customer requests
  • Helping the Product Team to validate direction to ensure success