To find top talent, CIOs need to think like marketers

The digital world calls for digital skills

High-quality workers are in big demand. Almost six out of ten CEOs plan to build up IT and digital capabilities in-house, which means CIOs are under pressure to plan and execute staffing accurately and with confidence.

How can you forecast the expertise you’ll need, incubate areas of knowledge and build a mindset and platform for success? Start by understanding how your organization can win talent by selling the benefits of employment. Learn how to raise your people game.

“66% of CIOs believe there is a talent crisis in the world … yet there is surprisingly little talent innovation.”

A new approach: Talent search as branding

Every enterprise and IT organization has a brand. The IT organization’s brand is influenced strongly by the enterprise brand but may differ from it in important ways. Why people decide to work at your company or within your department depends on these brand perceptions including:

  • The enterprise mission
  • The culture of the organization
  • The lifestyle the job creates for the employee
  • The nature of the work

How you define and communicate those things is essential to influencing and hiring the best people. In our research Competing for Top Talent: Build the Talent Platform you’ll learn more about

  • How the power of brand attracts talent
  • How to market your brand
  • What tools and technologies support the enterprise and potential employees?

Every CIO faces challenges managing the talent search process. Talent platforms create engagement between the enterprise and its contributors as relationships evolve. With a cohesive view of talent as a customer segment with its own needs, desires and characteristics, your team will be ready to attract talent away from your competition.

See How Volvo
Uses Innovation as
a Recruiting Tool

What’s the key to attracting employees who want to make something new?

The Volvo brand. The reputation of safety and roadworthiness transfers to talent seeking a strong, reliable, yet innovative employer. People often associate Volvo first with safety and second with great design, which is no accident. But Volvo is currently refining its brand to underscore innovation. Which not only appeals to people who buy vehicles, but to the people Volvo hires to make them.

Read the case study.

Become a brand expert in hiring for IT. Here’s how.

Image of Gartner SVP Research, Peter Sondergaard on Gartner Digital Ecosystems page.

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